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  1. Few little mods for a nicer look..

    Just about to get my headlight brows from TRC. Anyone know of any valid coupon codes? Cheers
  2. Thought about headlight brows? Just about to get some for mine. Had a frozen white fiesta now upgraded to a race red zetec s and that's the next step, looks pretty good IMO.
  3. 2013 fiesta fuse box diagram.

    Legend! Pulled no' 24, popped it back in and music connection is working perfectly now. Thanks pal.
  4. I'm sorry if this topic has already been made but couldn't find anything in the search. I need to pull the fuse for my SYNC as the gremlins have decided to wake up and not allow me to play my music from my phone through Bluetooth anymore. Tried master reset of SYNC and also resetting my phone, still no luck. One problem, I have no idea what fuse to pull, can anyone help please. Cheers.
  5. Few little mods for a nicer look..

    Wind deflectors done, just for anyone else who is looking to get these. I didn't use the metal clips provided. 1) because they just seems too damn big to get in the channel and (see picture) 2) even before attempting to put the clips in the deflectors seem to fit flush and are not able to move due to the shape of the door itself. (at the front the deflector sits the whole length of the down pillar and at the rear the pillar has an inwards angle so the deflector can't drop) I did have to purge the window button to get the windows to stay up at first but even after 10 minutes of leaving the window up and then trying a normal operation they were fine. Going to leave them up for a few hours just so the seals can adjust.
  6. Few little mods for a nicer look..

    Haha fair play I gave fishing ago and that was about it.. Cheers for the info though mate, will keep ya posted with how it turns out.
  7. Few little mods for a nicer look..

    Yeah took mine off too but was debating if it just made it more difficult. I'm gonna try a hair dryer next. Got plenty of wrap left, but patience on the other hand... Hmm. [emoji23]
  8. Few little mods for a nicer look..

    It's a pain in the backside! Did you take the caps off to wrap or just do it whilst still on the rest of the wing mirror? I think my other problem was having the heat gun was way too hot and when I stretched it, it just tore. Hacked me right off!
  9. Will this be a write off?

    Little update peeps, car wasn't a write off (was close) but is going to cost around 4k to fix. Police have been absolutely useless, no attempt to obtain footage along that stretch of the M4 to catch the guy and not even a courtesy call to make sure we are doing ok, but hey ho. Anyway, thanks for all the comments. Loftie.
  10. Few little mods for a nicer look..

    You just reminded me I've got some gloss black wrap left still so I could give that a go, thanks haha. Attempted to wrap my wing mirror caps which was going great until I reached the rounded point and the sheet just bunched up. Tried using a heat gun too but just couldn't get it to stick flat. Any tips?
  11. Few little mods for a nicer look..

    Yeah I did come across these but having to prime and spray them myself put me off a little.
  12. Few little mods for a nicer look..

    Anyone know a good site to get headlight brows for my car? Only one I've come across so far is triple r composites and they are selling at £53.50. Cheers.
  13. Few little mods for a nicer look..

    Thanks for the replies, will keep you updated with what gets done :)
  14. Will this be a write off?

    Thanks for the replied people. Can't see any damage to the B pillar as far as I can see but as you say it might not be obvious so to say. Didn't get the plates, all happened so quick by the time we were in the barrier the car was long gone and sods law the one time my dad doesn't plug his dash cam in something happens! Hoping to get some footage from the cameras along the M4, there was one just as our car came to a stop so hopefully it caught the other car continuing on. Tracking seems to be fine when driving after. No shaking of the steering wheel and no pulling, so that's a positive I guess? Will give the car it's due for the emergency assistance though, contacted the police immediately and put the car into crash mode. Off to the police station now, Will find out the outcome and keep you all updated. Again thank you for the replies.
  15. Will this be a write off?

    Ok guys bit of an odd post, fresh from this morning on the M4 my dad's 13 plate focus was side swiped at 65mph sending us into the barrier, I'd like to point out that the "nasty lad" (other words preffered) decided he didn't want to stop whilst watching us smash into the barrier. Me and my dad are ok, just a little shakey. My question is from the pictures attached does anyone have any knowledge on whether or not this will be a write off, personally I don't think so. Damage is: 2 nearside doors, 2 front wings and a rear nearside wing. Cosmetic damage only surely? Car has only done 17,000. Cheers Loftie