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  1. Recirc works when it is used in conjunction with AC. Any dampness is removed by the AC and drains away under car, that's why you sometimes get a puddle under the car when the AC has been used. I never turn my AC off with the fan on the lowest setting and have never had a misting problem even with the heater on the coldest position.
  2. Ford 1.6 Ti-VCT which fuel to use, Super or Normal?

    Any car with a turbo is likely to benefit from using super fuel, although all petrol cars sold here have to be capable of running on standard 95 octane which is the normal fuel in this country. When motor manufacturers do the mandatory fuel test I wonder if they use super fuels to boost their test results.
  3. I forgot to say in my previous post that another area I looked at was the rear shelf. There are two rubber bungs that should be tight against the rear hatch when it is closed. Mine were just not touching, I checked this by leaning over from the rear seat and I could feel they were not making contact. I wrapped a shoe lace round and round the between the bungs and the shelf to make them stand out a bit more from the shelf so they are now tight against the hatch when it is closed. I also put a piece of foam beneath the feet each side of the shelf where they sit on the hard plastic trim. All the measures I have taken have definitely stopped the noise and the car is a joy to drive once again.
  4. I tried wrapping tape around the rear seat latches but the noise was still happening. I gave everything in the area of the seats a good shake and I had suspicions about the rear off side head rest. Normally I leave them in the raised position but I pushed them fully down this morning. I have only been out once since then so it is early days but I think that has cured the problem.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion Russ, I'll give it a go.
  6. I have the same noise, but it is quite muted. I have checked the exhaust is not knocking against anything and taken absolutely everything out of the boot and the noise is still there. Interestingly it does not happen if I have a couple of passengers in the back.
  7. Windscreen Polish

    I have bought some Autoglym Glass Polish and intend to thoroughly clean my windows at the weekend. But I have been wondering about the windscreen and whether I should polish the area in front of the senors for the auto wipers and auto lights. Advice would be appreciated.
  8. Fiesta revs at 1200rpm on start up

    That is normal for a cold start. During the winter as the outside temp drops the revs could be higher.
  9. Start-stop never activates!

    I have tried the reset and it didn't work in the acc position. you have to turn the key until all the dash lights illuminate, it works then.
  10. How to turn traction control off?

    Wealdman and Ryan Thanks for your explanations I understand now.
  11. How to turn traction control off?

    Why would you want to turn it off, its a safety feature.
  12. Any good pulling up hills

    I have the 100bhp version and I am impressed with its pulling power up hills, of which there are plenty where I live. I got rid of my last car (Honda Jazz) because its uphill performance was non existent but the Ecoboost engine has plenty of torque even at low revs so hills are not a problem. I find there is slightly more pulling power when I use super unleaded, but the performance is more than adequate on standard unleaded.
  13. T-Cut on windscreen

    I used Colgate Original Care, it was what was in the bathroom but you could probably use any toothpaste. It works because it contains a mild abrasive. I would guess that whitening or smokers toothpaste contains more abrasive so I would be inclined to give those a miss, but that is just my opinion not based on any fact.
  14. New Focus Wiper Noise

    I have had the judder problem ever since my car was new and despite taking the car back for new wipers and to have the screen cleaned it has never totally gone away. My daughter has also recently had some sort of deposit across her windscreen that couldn't be removed with normal glass cleaner. I posted the problem on here and someone suggested using toothpaste. I googled it and it seems to be a well used remedy. So I cleaned her screen with toothpaste and it removed whatever was on it. I was so impressed I used it on my own windscreen and in the rain yesterday I had to really study the wipers to see the faintest trace of judder. I guess there was something on the screen which has now finally been removed. So if you have wiper judder give it a go. You only need a small amount of toothpaste, a wet microfibre cloth, elbow grease and water to rinse off.
  15. T-Cut on windscreen

    Cleaned the entire screen with toothpaste, amazingly it has worked and the screen is lovely and clean. I was so impressed I also did my Fiesta which suffers from wiper judder and now the judder is virtually gone.