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  1. Injector issue

    how much if you dont mind me asking
  2. Injector issue

    sounds like it mate thinking of remap and egr delete myself its annoying as fuel economy and power are spot on apart from that problem
  3. Injector issue

    yes it is mate ive read somewhere on another forum that there was a software update from ford for noisy injectors at operating or high temps but cant find it now
  4. Injector issue

    ive got same on mine which is a 2009 focus 1.8tdci will follow this thread aswell
  5. Sun strips

    got mine done by local window tint vinyl wrapping place been on months still looks good as day one
  6. Help my Mrs locked my keys in the boot

    do you have a spare key ?if so unlock drivers door climb through and fold seats down to retrieve keys
  7. Twin exhaust on a TDCI

    i paid £450 at tony banks in leeds for cat back no boxes with duplex rear end single oval tailpipe each side of car
  8. cambelt change

    cheers guys for the answers ill look into it
  9. Twin exhaust on a TDCI

    mate you can get custom made for your tdci ive got a twin exit with larger tailpipes like lennys cat back no boxes and it sounds ok for a diesel
  10. cambelt change

    hi guys i own a 09 1.8tdci and wondering how much time and price wise for cam belt aux belt and i believe its running the wet belt system aswell whats a bench mark timewise and price plz its on 55,000 but believe ford say 10 years 100,000 but would like to change earlier rather than late
  11. Cat-back Exhaust System - Diesel

    heres my 1.8tdci cat back from tony banks in Leeds no silencers only original cat left on at moment
  12. 2009 Zetec S Towbars

    id ring towtrust or witter themselves mate sure they could help
  13. 2009 Zetec S Towbars
  14. 2009 Zetec S Towbars

    price has gone through roof used to be 195 pounds i got mine year old on ebay for 80 pounds
  15. Focus Mk2 cat-back exhaust.

    mines a 2009 zetec s cat back no boxes exhaust from tony banks in leeds thats a factory zetec s bumper extension plenty places sell them mate