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  1. Possible Turbo Leak - Where To Look?

    I had the same wooshing noise and my mechanic put in a recon turbo. Cost me £750. 3 weeks later the wooshing noise came back! He then fitted an inter cooler pipe (2 nd hand) and low and behold cured the wooshing sound!!! Ripped of or what.FFS Always get a second or third opinion.these low life scum will rob u blind. Now leaking oil from breather hose he put a bolt through as the clip was broken Stress!!
  2. Whistling Noise

    Do not pay him yet until the whistle has completely gone
  3. Whistling noise is back, after I paid £740 for a recon turbo

  4. Whistle From Diesel Focus

    Had a loud whistle from the engine, turns out to be the Turbo. £740 for a reconditioned turbo and the Cat cleaned out! 100000 miles on clock in 10 years.
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