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  1. steering wheel control unit

    A good car audio dealer will have an adaptor that goes between the cars loom and whatever audio device you are fitting which will convert to retain the original stalk controller. They are !Removed! cheap and so not worth wasting time trying to work it out yourself.
  2. Dash Boot Release Button

    If it works on the remote, then the wiring, servo and central locking GEM part is fine. The button connects to the GEM module and appears to feed a ground signal to the GEM so no live feed to the switch. Pull the button out and with a bit of fine wire jump the two pins in the connector and if that works then it's the button. If it doesn't try jumping from a good ground point to the yellow striped wire as that is the feed to GEM. If that works then the other black wire has a broken connection to ground. You can replace it by a new wire from a good ground into the connector to the switch.
  3. central lockng

    Fitting aftermarket alarms nearly always screws something up. Remove it and bin it. Nobody takes any notice of them anyway. If you get it working I will be amazed if it is still working and you don't have other major irritations with electrics in 12 months time or even less. Who'd nick a Fusion anyway?? What you may find is that all the wiring is in place in the loom for nearly all of the optional equipment that you can have spec'd when new, so adding the required relay/controller, switch and fuse will uprate to remote locking without the need to add an alarm to gain this function. All you need is the keys or just one of those cheap as chips three button fobs sold on Ebay for Transits. I'd investigate this before going down a third party add on route. Visit a scrapyard and see what you can source for very little cash.
  4. Fusion 2004 Key Transponder

    I thought the chip was in the main part of the key moulded inside the plastic as I can start my engine with the key with the remote fob part removed completely. The chip type used is F021 type blur T17 Texas/Crypto 63 whatever that means. The colour in the corner of the master key is some indicator as to what chip is inside.
  5. Central locking remote keys

    You can buy the cheap keyring fobs off Ebay with the three buttons and program those. I have done that with mine so I have a backup for the remote locking apart from the original key. If you have turned off audible warnings in the computer settings, you may not get the chime so may need to turn them back on first. As long as you have the master key, the one with no buttons and the little coloured door in the corner, you can program your own additional keys and remote functions and the details are in the drivers handbook. You will need to have the key blade cut to suit the ignition first though as you need to be able to insert it and turn on the ignition to program it in. F021 type blur T17 Texas/Crypto 63 is the type of key you need.
  6. Fusion Key Conversion to Flip

    Is your key one of the 'F021 type blur T17 Texas/Crypto 63' tubular blade types? Can you get flip keys with that blade? If so then you will need to get the blade cut to the correct code first as you need to be able to turn the ignition on to program in the new key chip. If you have the little plastic tag attached to the master key, or know the code it can be done from that sometimes by the Ebay seller before despatch leaving you to just add it to the system. As you have the master key with no buttons, you can do this yourself, details are in the handbook. You cannot change from a tube type key to a later flat blade type as even if you change the ignition barrel, the process to code in new keys needs the same lock for the whole process although as you say you want to retail all the old keys you aren't doing this.
  7. Hi, New Here

    Hi, just bought a nice 06 Fusion TDCi and will probably do a few jobs during the summer on it. I mainly ride bikes for daily commuting and the car is for bad weather and domestic duties but now with the diesel the road tax and fuel cost is less in the car than on the bike, so it may get used more. I have changed the oil and checked it over but there are a few tech questions I'll post in the correct place soon. Dave
  8. Sunroof

    Hi, I have a Fusion TDCi and am going to fit a sunroof. I have the Ford genuine part ready to fit with the template etc for cutting the hole, but it gives a dimension back from the top of the windscreen for every model except the Fusion. I want to fit it as per the OEM tilt slide electric option so if there is anyone here who has a sunroof fitted, is there any chance you can measure the outer roof skin from the top edge of the windscreen to the front of the sunroof in the dead centre of the roof for me. Thanks
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Dave59M :)

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