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  1. Both Dipped Headlights Out

    Haha check the fuses- both fine, so I went to halfrauds and opted for the fitting (said they wd do both bulbs for £5.99) Ended up doing half the job myself coz the guy couldn't figure out how to get the cover back on the drivers side. Anyway- turns out both bulbs had blown at once. :)
  2. Both Dipped Headlights Out

    thanks for the suggestion- I read somewhere that the surge from one bulb blowing can do the other one too, so I'll just start with the bulbs and fuses as you suggest.
  3. Hi there, just noticed that both of my dipped lights are out (53 reg 18. tdci). The main beam and side lights are all ok, wondering what to check first as I'm thinking the bulbs are unlikely to have both blown at once. Is it more likely to be a relay? Had a quick look at the fuses in the engine bay and they all look ok (think this is where the light fuses are :P). Don't want to buy new bulbs if I don't need them!!! Any help much appreciated :)
  4. timing belt intervals

    Does that apply to the 1.8 tdci too? Just bought a 53 plate with 47k and I'm pretty sure it's not been changed yet.
  5. seat belt warning light

    I have just bought a 53 plate focus zetec 1.8 tdci and am really happy with it so far- 1st ford I've owned coming from a VW. I've noticed that the seatbelt warning light comes on and then goes off again immediatly after I switch the ignition on regardless of whether the seatbelts are buckled or not, it doesn't even come on if I drive off without buckling up. I'm now wondering if the car even uses this feature? I heard about the disabling/enabling method involving buckling up 3 times and switching on the headlights etc. This didn't make any diference to mine, anyone have any ideas or insight? Ta.
  6. tdci clatter on start up.

    I just bought a focus 1.8 tcdi 53 plate with the same issue, took it back to the dealer and they replaced the starter motor (after doing a couple other irrelevant cheap repairs they agreed it was the starter which I'd read about on the ffoc). If you don't fix it quickly enough it can knacker your dmf (as it is trying to compensate for the low rpm) which is a very expensive repair. Does it turn over quickly? Mine was slowish, fine starting from cold but made a hell of a clatter when hot. I got mine back with the new starter and it turned over twice as fast- no more clattering when the engine was hot. Hope this helps. ;)