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  1. Raider32's Mobius Camera

    Cheers Raider!
  2. Raider32's Mobius Camera

    Hi. I'm buying a mobius for a dash cam this week. What camera lens do you have on yours. When purchasing from Amazon it asks me do I want a standard or wide lense. Cheers
  3. My New Mobius Dashcam

    Hi all. I have done a little looking up on dash cams and for my price range and size. The mobius seems perfect for me. It seems a popular choice and has alot of support on all different forums with regular updates. So I have a few questions. Ill be buying the camera from Mobius on Amazon so I know im getting a legit one. However it gives me two options.. Standard and Wide lense. I thought Wide lense would be best for dash cam. But the Standard lense is like £15 more. Which in my eyes the more money, the better? Now mounting the cam. Im going for the sticky back mount. Simply because its more discreet and want it hid as best as I can. I have looked into getting the lense extension cable and some how mount just the lense to my mirror like technoman did on youtube. But my concern that the lense will be jumping up and down over rough roads? I did think about drilling a hole in my mirror and having the lense neatly aiming out of it. Has anyone done anything similar or am I best just keeping it in the original Mobius case and use the stick back mount. Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Car Engine Oil - The Recommended?

    No problem mate. Still on the same topic. Cheers for all the answers. Think ill stock up on some.
  5. Focus Detachable Towbar

    Let me know when you come to purchase one and ill get some quotes for you. Found out one of my old mates fits them up and can get discount on some popular brands. My Tow bar has been getting used more than I thought. I recently took up mountain biking so thought i may aswell get a bike rack that attaches to the towbar.
  6. Car Engine Oil - The Recommended?

    Hi. I usually leave topping my engine oil up with the garage when it goes in for service or M.O.T or other work. But I check regulary. So I dont really know whats the best oil to buy for my car. I know that my car needs 5W - 30. But when browsing online after putting my car reg into different online checks. It comes back with different names. For example, Fully Synthetic, Part Synthetic then it will have like A1 or A5. Are these something that I can only have one of or are they just different grades of oil that will still work for my engine. I have a feeling that I can only have 5W-30 Fully Synthetic but not sure on the A1 and A5 etc. I have a Ford Focus Zetec S, 60 plate with the 1.6 Petrol engine. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. headlight drivers side

    Does your side lights or indicators still work in the same headlight unit that isnt working. If theyre working I doubt it will be a fuse. Your bulb may off blown and your new one could be a dodgey one or you havnt put it in propper. Im not saying your stupid but when I first changed for the dipped beam bulb. I hadnt pushed it all the way in.
  8. Factory Fit Electric Windows

    I have been told you need to rip up your floor and change the floor wire loom.
  9. Haha made me chuckle. I remember when I had my fiesta st and a corsa with a drain pipe was infront of me leaving big gaps infront of him. So he could speed up and show off his new exhaust sound 😂 I got fed up of his speeding up and slowing down so the next time he left a gap. I showed off my little ST and jumped infront of him. He didnt like that one bit. Looking through my mirror he seemed grumpy and his mates laughing.
  10. I won a set of these off Ebay and got an absolute bargain! They're immaculate, not a mark on them. I fitted them in the dark. I finished work late and was to excited not too. Couple of powerful torches helped me out though. I took a couple of pics. However they're not the best. You know what its like trying to take pictures of lights. Both new led lights fitted with the silver indicator bulb. This makes a massive difference to the back end. Looks more modern. Pictures dont do justice and highly recommend doing this little upgrade. Massive thanks Lenny, This is easy to follow and appreciate the guide. Left normal and right LED Left normal and right LED. Side view. Both LEDs
  11. Focus Bulb Lists

    Anyone know if these are straight fit? (No splicing wires etc) Cant remember when changing my bulbs if i had to option to take the wires apart? Focus mk2.5
  12. Birmingham Bodywork repairs. Someone bumped into me!

    +1 for the main dealers. Insurance company will try use a local cheap garage. However you have the right to refuse and say you want it doing to a high professional finish and want it doing where it was born.
  13. ST170 seats fit a standard Focus?

    Yes they fit without the need of any mods. I did the exact same with my mk1. Mine was a 1999 model and the seats where from a 54 plate. However im not 100% sure about the electrics. I got a local machanic to fit mine and cant remember if anything got mentioned. But i do know the ST seats where heated in the st170 but i didnt have that option in my model. Hope that helps a little.
  14. Ahh i see. That use to bug me in my fez ST.
  15. Im from Widnes, Cheshire. Near Liverpool and Warrington. What does the interior scan delete do?