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  1. Ah, okay, thank you! Will be replacing the lot in the next month or two.
  2. Hi all, I just want to clarify on this. I own a MK1 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi. I'm planning on replacing the clutch, DMF and release bearing at the same time (all part of a kit). I was just wondering, is the clutch release bearing also known as the slave cylinder, or are they two separate components? Anyone able to shed light on this? It would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

    Not entirely sure if those wheel nuts will be compatible with your car, but I would just like to add that I've worked on dozens of Fords that seem to encounter this issue. It can be a pain when the cap gets jammed in your socket and you have to beat it out with a hammer and punch! My car also has a couple of these caps missing, and weirdly one of my nuts now requires an 18mm socket in order to remove it, rather than the original 19mm size it once was! Here's a link to someone on eBay that's selling a complete set of 16 new wheel nuts for £17.69 (they're currently discounted from the original price of £19.65): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360809372901?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I don't know how good they will be though, and you may find that over time the caps will fall off these ones, too.
  4. What is this noise?

    Hahaha , that's a good one. Witty response from you as well! I suppose I will just have to put this problem to the back of my mind. What's really bugging me though is the fact that I've got all these plans to modify my Focus to make it one of a kind, but unfortunately I've just had to postpone these plans in case my DMF fails on me. I suppose I may proceed with my plans and hope for the best! If it ever comes to the DMF failing, I should, hopefully, have enough money to pay for replacement parts. Would it be worth carrying out a solid flywheel conversion? Just a thought, but I'm not sure if I will go ahead with this, because I've heard from people saying that they have experienced a number of problems afterwards. There are some people that have succeeded in carrying out this conversion, but the way I see it is, if your car was originally fitted with a certain type of flywheel, it was installed for good reason, and your car won't perform as well with a part which wasn't supposed to be implemented. Just food for thought, though! To be honest, I had the same mindset before I started using the treatment. It really is great stuff, but does cost £20 a pop! You have to have above a quarter of a tank before emptying the contents of the bottle into your fuel system. I had just over half a tank, and I was pleased with that because the less fuel I have in the tank, the less diluted the system cleaner would be, if that makes sense. Perhaps that's just my own logic. Oh yes, I have tried that Italian method before, never heard of that name being given to it though! I do quite a lot of motorway miles, especially returning home when it's early hours of the morning, meaning there's little-to-no traffic around and there's three open lanes, so you can see what I'm getting at, haha. I wouldn't do this at any other time of the day though, especially when you're in the fast lane and you never know when someone's going to misjudge your speed and pull out in front of you! I shall, thank you! It's been a pleasure to own one, and since owning one, I've decided that I'm a Ford man, through-and-through! In the future, I may own an ST Mondeo or go for something newer if I can afford it, such as a new-shape Fiesta ST, Focus RS or perhaps just go back in time and go for an ST170! Onwards and upwards with my Focus! I'll probably create a thread in the next few months, updating everyone on the progress of my Focus' build. Thanks Peter!
  5. What is this noise?

    Whoops! Hahahaha, I'm in stitches. I suppose that's one way to describe my speedo! Wrong choice of words, my bad.
  6. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    My Car MK1 Focus Focus (facelift model) 1.8 TDCi (115 ps) Please note, the second image was taken a while ago before I added the ST170 headlights and smoked tail lights. ---
  7. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    Car's lookin' well! I think it could benefit from an RS rear spoiler and possibly lowered a few nicks as well. Keep us updated!
  8. What is this noise?

    I hope that's the case. Still a bit sceptical that it may happen tomorrow, next week, or even a month from now. I wish there was a way to know for sure. Oh, and I attempted going up a hill and doing what you said; nothing out of the ordinary. The car pulled well in several different gears and no signs of the rev gauge or speedo rising erotically. I've watched several videos of people capturing footage of their noisy cars, and the comments all suggest that the noise is due to the flywheel being knackered. My car doesn't suffer from most of the symptoms though, like a vibration through the clutch pedal, or any of that. I'm tempted to replace the flywheel just for piece of mind. Repairing is satisfying in some cases, but you're right, it's far from enjoyable! I'm planning on repairing the essentials in order to keep it going, then progressively sorting out all of the other underlying issues. The car was fine when I first purchased it (apart from a knackered turbo), I plan on getting it back to that state. :-) When I first purchased my car, it was chugging out a lot of black smoke upon acceleration. I poured a bottle of Techron diesel treatment through the fuel system and it seemed to fix the issue, along with blanking the EGR valve. I bought another bottle of the treatment yesterday and since using it, the jerking motion hasn't occurred and the dead-spots have been extinguished (my car was dead when I changed up a gear and was below 2,000 revs). Fingers crossed! Also, I have a brand new water pump and gasket sitting in my garage. Never got around to fitting it because it came as a part of my timing belt kit, but the water pump is driven by the auxiliary belt and I didn't have to remove that belt when I was completing the timing belt job. Thank you! I may eventually try that. It's not the biggest of concerns at the moment, but once I have everything else sorted, I will sort out the seized caliper nipples. The brake pedal is decent but the fluid is very dark. I suppose leaving it for a little while longer should be okay. Thanks for your response again, Pete! Funny enough, the noise normally occurs when the engine has warmed up. When the engine is cold, it's not that loud, and sometimes you can't hear it at all. Once the car warms up then it becomes increasingly louder. No vibrations or judder through the clutch pedal either.
  9. What is this noise?

    Thanks Peter, I knew I could rely on you to give me a good response, haha. I'll try opening it up the next time I'm going up a hill, but to be honest, I've been driving heavy-footed the occasional time and this issue still hasn't occurred to me in about a month or two. Strange that. The rattle which was captured in the video was the loudest it's ever been, but since then the noise has been quite mild. That's what confuses me as to why the issue hasn't worsened since it started around 5-6 months ago. My car has its good days and it's worse days (days where the rattle is louder, which isn't very often). I will probably end up stripping it apart when I get the time. Just worried in case I order a clutch kit and then realise it needs a flywheel too. May as well replace both to be on the safe side. Instead of taking a car out on finance and paying in monthly instalments, I'm considering taking out a £2,000 loan and fixing all of the issues with the car and then putting the rest towards upgrades (lights, bhp gains, etc.). I know this may seem silly seeing as it's a 12 year old car, but it beats spending £7,000 or so on a car that I won't fully own. There's another issue as well. Whenever I'm driving along at a steady speed (doesn't matter what speed but normally 3rd gear or higher) and don't have the accelerator pedal depressed, as soon as I put my foot back on the accelerator, the car will give a sudden jerking motion. It sort of seems like it's chugging a bit but it's still going and hasn't let me down. This issue has been occurring for the past month now. First impressions make it seem like the issue is fuel-related, like a bad injector or perhaps the fuel pump, but I can't be so sure. So far my car requires two front tyres, has a leaking thermostat housing, coolant seepage from around the water pump area, possibly new brake lines (beginning to show signs of rust), rear brake caliper, front droplinks, front and rear brake discs + pads and maybe even 3 new calipers in total, because the bleed nipples are completely rusted and I'm unable to loosen them to perform a brake fluid change. Sounds awful with the amount of work it requires, I know, haha.
  10. What is this noise?

    Vehicle Info: MK1 Ford Focus (2004). 1.8 TDCi with just over 100,000 miles registered on the clock. Owned the car for just under two years. -- Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me distinguish what exactly this noise is and what I should do to rectify it/prevent it from being noisy. I'll give you a bit of backstory regarding the vehicle. Backstory: Six months ago, I was driving along through town and upon changing gear and accelerating, the revs were increasing on the gauge unusually (not matching the road speed). This was after driving for over an hour without taking any breaks, most of which in was start-stop traffic/congested areas. I got to my destination, left the car for a couple of hours and returned to it and there issue did NOT occur again. That was the start of it all. Over the next few months, the issue became more frequent, nearly causing me an accident when I pulled out into the overtaking lane on the motorway and struggled to reach adequate speed. This issue hasn't occurred to me in quite some time, must be at least a month or so, but I don't drive long distances, and I'm sure it would happen again if I were to drive it on a long enough journey. Now, here's the strange part. The car has became increasingly rattly upon idling. I first thought it was the engine internals, because that's what it sounds like when you're in the driving seat with the windows up. Once you rev the engine in neutral gear, the sound increases in speed and loudness. Around a month ago, I had driven around 40 miles and parked up, leaving my engine idling. The rattle sounded much louder than usual, so I thought it would be a perfect time to capture this footage on my phone, so I did just that. You can watch the video below and listen for yourselves. Keep in mind, this was idling in neutral at the time. Video of the noise/issue: ^ In the footage, I was recording from the passenger side front wheel arch where the noise occurs. That's also where the gearbox is situated, which makes me think it has something to do with transmission. I should have revved a little bit so you could all hear the noise increase in speed and loudness, but I was alone at the time and was unable to capture the noise if I was in the driver's seat. Apologies if the quality is poor too. Oh, and please ignore the baldy tyre, I'm replacing both front ones this weekend. Personally, I had a feeling in my mind that this issue was related to the flywheel. The only reason I doubt this though is because, I depress the clutch pedal and there's no unusual vibrations through the pedal or the noise doesn't change at all in terms of loudness. The only sound is a slightly noisy clutch release bearing. I'm keen to get some ideas as to what could be causing this. This car has been my pride and joy, and it's my first car. I've put a lot of money into this car and I'm debating whether or not I should trade it in towards a car on finance. I don't really want to, but I don't want to be throwing money towards my Focus in order to fix this issue either. Would really, really appreciate some suggestions. Thank you!
  11. MK1 Focus 1.8 TDCi Acceleration Issue

    Thanks, but I serviced it recently, including renewal of the fuel filter. I ran some diesel treatment through the system when I first purchased the car (13 months ago) because it was a bit smokey under acceleration. That was due to the turbo which I then had reconditioned and I also blanked off the EGR, which sorted that issue. I suppose it could be worth running some more cleaner through the system, just for a peace of mind. Sorry, I may have not described my symptoms correctly - it does seem to slip under high torque, but not necessarily all the time, only when I've been driving for a good 40 minutes or so. It usually occurs after fast gear changes and putting my foot down harder than usual. There was, however, once time when the issue was occurring in first gear as well, but perhaps it's because I gave it too many revs? Don't worry, I wasn't attempting to spin the wheels or anything of the sort. The rev counter seems to somewhat fluctuate upon acceleration, but the engine speed, according to the speedo, does seem to be rising at a steady pace. Once I ease off/remove my foot from the throttle, the rev gauge returns to its normal position. I shall get it checked over for diagnostic trouble codes. I was pondering that idea for a while but originally thought that it would either bring on a warning lamp or be something entirely mechanical which won't throw up a fault code. Thank you very much, Peter. I shall keep you all updated.
  12. MK1 Focus 1.8 TDCi Acceleration Issue

    I'm hoping it's something less costly than a clutch kit. I don't want to be continuously throwing money into the car. It requires 4 tyres, front and rear brake pads/discs, brake fluid change and a couple of other things soon as well.
  13. MK1 Focus 1.8 TDCi Acceleration Issue

    Quick update; It's been nearly another month and I'm still driving, if it was the clutch then it would have problem given out by now, surely? I replaced the air intake hose due to an obvious, large tear and it hasn't made a difference. I get the occasional whistling noise from the engine bay when I'm accelerating, it was happening quite a lot two weeks ago, but it hasn't been whistling for at least ten days now, which is odd... I made a 20 mile trip to college this morning and it was fine, made another 10 mile trip into the town. Took a run to the shopping centre and the traffic was stop-start. By the time I got out of the queue, I had some room to properly accelerate, that's when the issue started to occur again, and it kept doing it on the way back from the town. I guarantee, as soon as I take my car on another trip later, I won't be able to get the issue to occur again; it only seems to happen on long journeys. I'm thinking it could be the crankshaft oil seal, perhaps leaking fluid onto the clutch, causing it to slip every so often? Would these symptoms relate more to a mechanical issue or an electrical issue? I wonder if something to do with the fuel system is to blame, or perhaps the MAF sensor. Any ideas?
  14. MK1 Focus 1.8 TDCi Acceleration Issue

    Note; I have had a brief look around the boost/air intake hoses and there's nothing obvious, other than the air intake hose having a massive split in it. It's hard to see the other hoses because they leak down the back of the engine bay. I'll bring it into work in the next few days and start stripping it down and checking things more thoroughly. Thank you.
  15. MK1 Focus 1.8 TDCi Acceleration Issue

    Hi all, Apologies for reviving my old thread, but I didn't want to create a second one relating to the same issue. Anyhow... this issue seems to be intermittently happening once every few weeks. Surely if the clutch was slipping/on its way out, it would happen constantly and not the odd time? I have a split air intake hose; the hose running from the air filter housing down to the turbo. It's a big split, not a small one. I'm in the process of ordering a replacement part, but do you reckon this may be causing my issue? I'll see what happens upon replacing this hose, but if anyone can provide their input then it would be appreciated. The car is definitely under-boosting, and you can hear a faint whistle upon accelerating when the turbo kicks in. It hasn't been whistling like this the whole time though, only recently, which leads me to believe there's a leak from another boost pipe, because the air intake hose has been split for two-three months and this sound has only been occurring recently. Please drop a reply if you are able to provide me with more of an insight. Many thanks. :-)