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  1. very helpful, found me apart i just couldnt get, great price too. Thanks a lot.

  2. Geez, thats quite an offer ! :P
  3. File for Divorce !
  4. Problem is how do you know what 75 % looks like? I dont want jusy my back windows limo black, everyone has that, i would like all windows the same but as dark as is legal. Have no idea what that looks like.
  5. !Removed! Hell. Dan, got a fix for this in your detailing thread ?
  6. No Shinny Mk&7 for me, but i do have these two:
  7. Probably the heater control valve. Not too expensive and okay to do yourself. Its a common problem on them, i have done it on two fiestas now.
  8. Welcome to member number 50, Skinnyminnie, who has been awarded the tag of " The Golden One". :)
  9. Sounds like it could be a fuel delivery issue, commonly known as a flat spot, and !Removed! hard to cure !
  10. Genesis, Fading Lights
  11. come on Zippy, you know you want to..............
  12. Nice one, chuffed for ya. Get some pics up though, a few on here and dont forget you can upload tonnes on facebook.
  13. The group is growing slowly, welcome to the 49th Member, Michelle. Who will be the 50th and crowned " The Golden One" ?
  14. I could live with having this next to the fezzi:
  15. Hi Alex out of interest, do you know roughly what the insurance is going to cost? Whilst i appreciate the increased risks, It is a terrible rip off for young drivers.