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  1. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Is it easy? I think this happened as a result of vigorous gear changing. Thanks
  2. Cooling fan constantly running

    Hi I had this problem and the connector just needed cleaned.
  3. Fiesta loud AC rattle/vibration

    Hello,yea it all works ok. I am going to pop the hood and see if twigs/debris is the culprit.
  4. Fiesta loud AC rattle/vibration

    Hi all, when I turn my AC on it rattles and vibrates very loudly, I think it may be the fan. The car was serviced in September with no problems. Does anyone have an idea what this may be and what the cost is to repair it? Thanks
  5. My cars drivers seat is wearing and I can feel the metal bar it is protruding and is uncomfortable here is a photo, does anyone know how to fix this and would it be covered under warranty
  6. Got Flashed At A Red Light!!!

    If you don't get a notice of prosecution through the mail before the 15th you will be okay.
  7. Ford Fiesta 2012 Handbrake Problem?!

    I doubt the warranty will be invalidated because of wear and tear. A lot of cars specifically say don't push button in when engaging handbrake.
  8. Ford Fiesta 2012 Handbrake Problem?!

    No Mark it makes no difference. Thought that myself.
  9. Ford Fiesta 2012 Handbrake Problem?!

    Mark, it slips either way regardless if the button is pressed. I've had the car since March this year. The handbrake may slip for example 1 in 20 times of using it.
  10. Ford Fiesta 2012 Handbrake Problem?!

    I press button in when engaging the handbrake. I bought car second hand so my guess is the previous owner is to blame for this. Car is still under warranty and I shall be going to ford about this as I am not risking car rolling when parked.
  11. Hi all, so when my handbrake is applied about 6 clicks occasionally it will slip down 3 clicks almost as if its failing, someone said my handbrake is breaking down, does anyone know what the problem is?
  12. lol that solved it cheers :) I thought the radio needed reset <_<
  13. I was getting mechanical work done to car and upon collecting car I noticed the radio wont turn on its just a frozen screen here is a picture http://postimg.org/image/lddtmgx0t/
  14. Cheers! he only wanted £10 I gave him £30
  15. Hi Guys thanks for your advice I got it buffed, looked like magic in front of my eyes seeing that scratch go away lol Here is before and after pictures. http://postimg.org/image/485sci5xd/ http://postimg.org/image/fzcm2tm7r/