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  1. Unleaded fuel

    Check with who you bought the car off. They should be-able to tell you what grade of fuel it uses. In my opinion i'd stick to unleaded. There is a vast disappearance of leaded fuel (4STAR) in this country, and unless you live right next to a garage that sells it, then i'd avoid using it! 4STAR was actually better for the environment and economy than unleaded is nowadays. Problem is, becuase of the lead in the fuel, it apparently affected people in a bad way. This is why they took 4STAR off the market. Annoying for classic car enthusiasts, and annoying for anyone with a car that took leaded petrol. You can change the grade of fuel your car uses though, it cost a lil, and you lose some torque/BHP... but in the end, because of the severe lack of 4STAR, it may be worth it. That's only if your car runs on Leaded petrol though. Hope this has been of some help!
  2. Here's the problem. The locks and handles on my doors. I only have a key lol, no central locking! But i sometimes have to climb in the boot to open the door, cos sometimes the front door doesn't unlock. The handle on the inside gets stuck in, locked. It then won't open by using the key. This is why i have to use the boot to occasionally get in lol. Can anyone help? Or has anyone had any similar problems?