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  1. New Fiesta External Lights

    Auto lights are optional - you can turn them off and manually select lights if you want - they don't work in Fog for example.
  2. Help - Fiesta keyless battery low

    If you don't fancy doing it yourself try Timpsons
  3. Awful MPG zetec 1.0 Ecoboost (100)

    " 100% local mileage with most trips being less than 5 miles " That's why - you'd be better off with an electric car with those distances - do you get up to temp? Worst I get local is around 45 best 58 (on a 400 mile round motorway trip)
  4. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    That's certainly the best looking front - can you get the spare wheel with that one?
  5. Was it lower before you changed the springs?
  6. A/C comes on when starting engine

    So you agree with me: "if not used occasionally it might not work when you want it" OP said he "never uses it"
  7. A/C comes on when starting engine

    You should use - if you don't it will stop working
  8. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    What's the gearing like compared to the 5 speed - 30 in 3rd, 40 in 4th and 50 + 5th?
  9. Minimum litre engine for motorways

    You can't just not insure the old one these days it has to be taken off road (SORN).
  10. Is there something I've missed?

    From the Sunday Times: The Fiesta we tested had a 1-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol engine that puts out just 98bhp. That didn’t bode well. But it was a hoot, with enough oomph to make brisk progress, a rorty rasp and good manners on the motorway. There are more powerful versions of the EcoBoost engine, but this one — the cheapest — will be enough for most drivers’ needs. And it returned 51mpg in our hands. Driving the Fiesta is like meeting up with your most fun friend for a night on the tiles: you’re guaranteed a great time. Ferrari and Porsche could learn a thing or two from the way its steering and suspension are set up. It has a precision and delicacy rarely found in cars at any price. Yet when challenged with a six-hour motorway trip, the Fiesta feels assured, comfortable and relaxing. In some of its competitors you’d collapse in a heap at the end of such a drive. If the Fiesta were judged on the driving experience alone, Ford would be assured of another smash hit
  11. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Titanium 5dr

    Which used to be Dagenham Ford if I remember rightly, and it had a poor reputation then. RT Rates in Grays has always treated me well, they changed a shock absorber out if warranty because they said it shouldn't have failed at that mileage. Do you know if the other makes 3cyl turbos (Suzuki Swift) (PSA DS3) have the same issue?
  12. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Titanium 5dr

    Quite like the front but the rear around the back windows looks a bit odd but the upcoming 1.4 sport looks interesting, also fancy the DS3. My Fiesta has been good as gold, and I've never had a problems with my Ford dealer over the last 4 Ford cars I've owned but once the warranty runs out I will have to think about what to do.
  13. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Titanium 5dr

    Have you still got your Swift how is it? - and what do you think of the new one

  15. Stop-start doesn't seem to work

    You should use it - or the seals will dry out