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  1. so how do i get round this then

    Why were you opening it? - can't remember the last time I had to top up coolant - especially in a year old car
  2. Fiesta key

    Timpsons, 55 High St, Maldon CM9 5PT or Maldon, Morrisons as for price you'll have to ask.
  3. Not in gear when stopped won't affect mpg (but it will save your clutch) those of us with start stop will save, coasting uses more fuel than leaving it in gear
  4. Fiesta key

    Timpson's: Non-remote car keys We can supply and cut chipped (transponder keys) non-remote keys for your vehicle the main difference being there are no remote functions on the key (this type of key is also known as a copy key). Please call in to your nearest Timpson store for further information regarding your key. Remote car keys We can supply, cut and program original remote control keys in our auto specialist stores. Our original keys are exactly the same as the keys you can buy from your main car dealer, the big benefit having Timpson cut and program your keys is they are on average 20% cheaper and can offer a more efficient programming service than the dealer.
  5. What's your average speed? after a couple of weeks of pottering around I refilled and it was showing 320miles range - I then drove 200 miles at around 60 mph and my range (without refuelling) was showing 350 miles! so don't take too much notice of the computer - the only real way to check is to fill it to the brim drive around then refill to the brim and then work out your MPG from that
  6. Rear offside foglight replacement

    I paid my local Ford dealer £50 to do mine - it seemed the easier option.
  7. Not really its brand new - a few days old he said , I wouldn't even bother looking for the first few hundred miles.
  8. It will take a few thousand miles to settle down, mines 2 1/2 years old and its now getting much better economy (55 mpg on a long run) than it used to
  9. Which tyres?

    Making sure you have your best tyres on the back will favour ‘understeer’ rather than ‘oversteer’ when grip is limited such as in very wet or cold conditions. Understeer – the car tends to go straight on even though you’re turning the wheel. Oversteer – the back end breaks free and the car is likely to spin. Tyres with deeper tread grooves are less likely to puncture too and it's more difficult to control a car with a damaged rear tyre than one with a damaged front tyre.
  10. Which tyres?

    (Not saying I agree) but changing tyres at 3mm is unnecessary, costly and harmful to the environment, says Michelin Modern tyre technology makes it possible to provide high levels of performance and grip from new, and through all of the tyre’s life down to the legal tread wear limit. Michelin says with this in mind, changing tyres early (i.e. before they are fully worn) does not guarantee greater safety, and no current studies have established a direct link between accident levels and tyre tread depth. The company says that as long as tyres are not damaged in any way, the safety on dry roads actually improves as their tyres get worn. A worn tyre will stop a vehicle more quickly in the dry than the same tyre when new. Another improvement in performance of a worn tyre over a new one is fuel consumption, says Michelin. As tyre tread depth reduces, the fuel economy of the vehicle will improve, and with one tank of fuel in five being used to simply overcome the rolling resistance of the vehicles tyres, this is a welcome benefit. Michelin tests at Ladoux have shown that on wet roads, some worn tyres can perform as well as some new tyres, and that although the remaining tread depth is a factor in wet braking, the performance of the tyre, at all stages of its life, is more important.
  11. Fiesta ZS Thefts

    Or they break it down for parts : ford fiesta zetec 2011 front bumper complete Pre-owned £180.00 and I imagine the engine on its owns worth a few bob.
  12. If you mean these: I make it around 56mm
  13. First engine breakdown in decades

    Looking at Honest John only one Fuel pump issue: 16-5-2014: Low pressure fuel tank pump failed on month old 2014 Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost. Same fuel pump type no longer available and reader waiting for almost 2 weeks for new type of replacement pump. Lots of trouble with the Auto box A mass action lawsuit has been filed, against Ford Motor Company claiming a defective PowerShift transmission in Ford Focus models from 2012-2015 and Ford Fiesta models from 2011-2015. and few engine problems: 30-8-2017: Report of 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost needing two new engines and now back at the dealer with the same problem. They are now saying it is the waterpump, but the symptoms are the same as before, white smoke coming from exhaust, high engine temp and loss of coolant.
  14. First engine breakdown in decades

    Is it still under warranty - have you a full Ford service history?
  15. New Fiesta External Lights

    Auto lights are optional - you can turn them off and manually select lights if you want - they don't work in Fog for example.