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  1. 2001 Mondeo

    Mondeo Station Wagon
  2. Ford Laser Rally Car

    Ford Laser Rally car I owned.
  3. Ford Courier Fun

    Ute to rat
  4. I fitted 225/40/18's to mine - this was the closest fitment to equaling the 205/55/16 size - which means the speedo remains accurate. Try this calculator - you can see the maximum recomended difference. Not sure about offset is 38 to 45. Your later model may be different though 50 or 55?
  5. Hi from NZ

    Hi team, Great forum and site. I'm living at the beach in Mangawhai,New Zealand, and own a 2001 Mondeo Station Wagon. They're a popular car over here and have a good reputation and good service/dealer support. I'm also building a Rat rod based on a shortened 1985 Ford Courier ute chassis, with a 332 Ford Y block v8 and 3spd, and a 1938 Morris 8 sedan cut down to a pickup cab. Love the Fords, look forward to sharing help and info with you guys! I've posted some pics of the Mondeo which is lowered and runs 18" Koya alloys, have also fitted 17" lcd on dash, with sony mp3 head unit, 12" sub, amp and component speakers, and slimline IBM PC under seat ( running 12v power supply ) for playing DVD's and over 16,000 mp3's. Cheapest in car entertainment! LCD runs on 12/240v inverter, PC is controlled by wireless mouse on centre console/arm rest. Take care, drive safe, Barry.