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  1. Ford fiesta won't go into gear

    Why not post this on the Ford Fiesta Forum?
  2. Should I buy a Focus with Powershift?

    I'd say this is worth a watch ... I find Cadogan an entertaining "know-it-all"!
  3. Wiper issue 2011 Focus Mk3

    I'm sure I read on a recent tread that TOOTHPASTE could be the answer! With or without fluoride ... I couldn't tell you!!
  4. I have CrossClimates on my Focus and thought I might swap the fronts and rears (I cannot actually rotate) to keep wear reasonably even on all the tyres. Took the car down to my local Tyre Co and they said that because the car has tyre pressure monitors fitted it will not be possible to do this for me by just moving the wheels - the tyres would have to come off and be re-fitted they suggested at a cost of £12 ea. They said the only make of car they would not be concerned to rotate the wheels on (with tpm's fitted) is Land Rover. Now having researched the forum I have seen it said several times that it is best to keep a good level of tread on the rear tyres, so I may have lost interest in swapping the fronts and rears anyway! But I nevertheless was surprised that tpm's inhibit rotation/swapping of tyres by making it more of a job and thought I'd just ask if my Tyre Co is right in what they say?
  5. Wanted to look at price of 2nd hand cars ... went to your cars for Sale site ... lots of cars appeared available but every time I wanted more details I got Oops instead. Not too impressive. Tried about 50 times but just got 50 Oops.
  6. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    Mine done with a 37,500 mile service. Thanks, Craig, for flagging this up.
  7. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    I don't pretend to be bright when it comes to anything mechanical ... hence my questions. As far as I can deduce on my Focus Titanium 1.5 TDCI the camshaft drive belt etc needs to be replaced every 112,500 miles (or ten years). My car (37,500 miles on the clock) is on the recall list and, on the face of it, presumably now won't require a new camshaft drive belt etc until 150,000 miles? But I read this on ford.co.uk: "We take care to check the parts and if we find anything wrong we can repair or replace parts. It is recommended that when your timing belt is replaced, you also replace the water pump at the same time. This reduces your risk of engine damage and repeat repairs, and ensures continued safe motoring." Can't see the water pump on the list of things to be replaced as part of the recall, so 1. should we ask that it is included as part of the recall work (even if it is at our expense)? or 2. should a water pump last okay for 150,000 miles?
  8. diesel engine shake

    I have a 2.5 year old Ford Focus Titanium (one of the cars that has been recalled) with 37,500 miles on the clock and it has never behaved as you say yours does. Generally a v smooth motor to drive.
  9. New Focus Wiper Noise

    I've had my Focus 2.5 years and never has it made the irritating noise you are suffering. If it had I'd have been a screaming lunatic by now! Totally unacceptable. Periodically had a tiny judder at the bottom of the offside wiper at the point it changes direction ... but no noise!
  10. Sat Nav Sd Card

    Be careful with 272723261819 ... I bought one of these and I don't believe it is an authentic Ford SD Card ... I may be wrong but see attached pics comparing the card received with my old F4 SD Card and reach your own decision. Binder1.pdf
  11. Many thanks for the advice. When I get the car back after its service I will post a review of the position.
  12. I haven't (hopeless with cars/mechanical things) but I will ask the dealer to check these. Thanks for the reply.
  13. While it doesn't help at all, I am so glad you don't have the same problem ... indeed it seems no-one else has this problem. Many thanks for the reply.
  14. Well having thought long and hard I realised I'd never solve the problem on my own (!!) so I went to see a really good mechanic who used to look after my Audi! Having listened to the symptoms he asked, "Have you got Active City Stop?" When I said, yes, he said it'll be something to do with that ... should be fairly straightforward for Ford to trace the problem. Car goes in for service shortly (with a different dealer) so I'll see how I get on.
  15. Clearly I'm on my own on this one ... but having thought long and hard I believe I now know what is happening. Mind you, if anyone can steer me towards a similar post, I'd still be grateful.