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  1. Automatic Start/start

    It is true some of my journeys are only a few miles (less than 5 miles) and it seems the solution is longer journeys, but they don't tell you that do they? I will keep monitoring the situation and if necessary come back to the forum. Thanks for all the replies.
  2. Automatic Start/start

    Clive, from your reply am I to take it that the power in the battery may well be the problem and at times the re-charge is not sufficient especially on short journeys? Or is there a deeper problem?
  3. Automatic Start/start

    Ian, thanks for the response Yes as far as I'm aware the Battery monitoring system was re set. It was a Ford approved repairer.
  4. Automatic Start/start

    I own a 2014 Focus Zetec Turbo (1 litre ecoboost,115) since July 2014 and for some reason the automatic start/stop is so intermittent it has become very frustrating. It has been back to the garage (approved repairer) 3 times and it is still not right, put on their computer and was told there is nothing wrong but there could be many variables. I was told about outside air temperature, ac on, heater blower, battery condition and so the list goes on all affect the stop/start. The garage did on the last occasion replace the battery and I must say the automatic start/stop worked satisfactorily for a few weeks but now its back to be very intermittent. It is so annoying and very frustrating to have this. Has anyone any idea what could be wrong? Help is needed!!!!!!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Ron A :)

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