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  1. Removing 6000 CD from MK3 Focus

    Thanks for all the info. No small holes for keys and cannot get strip off without causing damage to surrounding area (cannot be this difficult surely!!!). I think the whole of the surrounding dashboard wrap round must come off and then the stereo bolts with be behind. Will have a good look this week and let you know how I get on. Thanks again and wish me luck
  2. Removing 6000 CD from MK3 Focus

    Here is an Identicial one (apart from the aircon underneath). Do I need to remove the dashboard surrounding the stereo and ventilation to get to the stereo?
  3. Removing 6000 CD from MK3 Focus

    There are not visable holes to place any release keys on this model, just a silver strip which surrounds the stereo itself. Any ideas?
  4. Removing 6000 CD from MK3 Focus

    Hi all New to this and just bought a Focus TDCi 1800 Zetec and am amazed at the performance v's economy. Anyway, I took some toys out of my old car and want to put them in the new one, mainly a hands free kit. Can anyone tell me how to remove the stereo to get to the wiring? I know you need release keys but there is a silver strip surrounding the unit itself and not sure if the holes for the keys are behind this or if Im barking up the wrong tree. Any assistance would be appreciated. :P