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  1. Smashing day :D I also 'won' a keyring, however I think it was just to keep me from having a tantrum for not winning anything Cheers Mark!
  2. Yippee! I'm excited to see you all again, it's been toooo long :) Also, if Mark is unavailable after tomorrow then anyone with any issues getting there give me a PM and I'll forward you my number.
  3. It is indeed Macca :) anyone is welcome to come along.
  4. It's looking very promising isn't it! The old memory could still fail me though ;)
  5. Ooohh I want the keyring!! My bunch of keys simply isn't big enough :D Way looking forward to the meet! Not long now guuuyyyss!
  6. I'll definitely not be eligible!! Fabio hasn't seen a 'mirror finish' since he was a wee baba. He's happy with the rustic look ;)
  7. Excellent news Rob :D the more the merrier! What are we classing as a 'clean' car? if we are going by Dan's standards I will be disqualified from the Dodo competition
  8. OI WENCH! I've Facebooked you like a million times. STOP IGNORING MEEEE! Chatzy anyone?
  9. No no, it's best you don't ask how. You'll only get upset!
  10. Don't panic. Fabio has been clean and I no longer need to replace him :D
  11. I'm 99.9% sure I'll remember to turn up!! You buying a new car has made me want to get one now damnit! Fabio is dirty and I can't clean him easily on my driveway so it's just easier to buy a new one. I loooove all the toys on the new Focus, however they don't do a 3 door version... No thanks!
  12. We can have a Tour of 'usual chats' including all cars so as no one feels left out ;) I'm excited for the meet! Us 3 are sitting together yeah?? Standard! Anyone from my way (Herts) want to convoy then give me a shout.
  13. I like it Mikey :)
  14. Yippeeeeee... That was only half sarcasm ;)
  15. Oh go on then, I'll try to remember to come