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  1. Fiesta Metal 2012

    They actually made more than 2000 in the end although originally it was supposed to be limited to 1000. Good luck with the repairs though, looks nasty :o With my untrained eye I would think that would be a write off as an uneconomical repair.
  2. Air Filter For Zetec S Red Edition

    Your best option is probably a K & N panel filter. As long as you get the correct one for a MK7 it just slots into the existing air filter box. I've used the same one on my three Fiestas now, just swapping it out for the original air filter before selling, and only had to clean it once using the K & N Recharger cleaning kit. I couldn't really say it sounds any better as I've never really noticed, it also won't make much if any power difference. However, it is the one that Mountune fit on all their upgrades, so if it's good enough for them it must be good :) Have a look on ebay for the best prices.
  3. There Was A Very Overgrown Lane...

    Wow! Looking very good, nice & shiny, a job well done :) 2 and a half hours just for one side sounds about right using a DA. It's better to take your time & not rush it for best results. I would've thought you could use the same method to remove the swirls on your roof & bonnet though. As long as you continue to use careful washing methods it shouldn't be necessary to compound again once done. I'm no expert, but I managed to remove all the swirls from my (now previous) car's black paint, and after a year of countless washes was unable to see any newly inflicted marks even in bright sunshine. Gotta love the junkman videos, he's quite funny, but also explains it very well. Without them I doubt I would've taken the plunge into machine polishing. I just picked up a 2nd hand White ST today and although it looks OK from a distance closer inspection in the sunshine revealed swirl marks all over, which I expected to be honest. Can't wait to get my polisher on it to get the shine back B)
  4. There Was A Very Overgrown Lane...

    Speed 5 to remove the scratches followed by speed 3 for polishing. You can use Autoglym SRP or something similar on a black pad at speed 3 for the final polish before applying wax.
  5. There Was A Very Overgrown Lane...

    Although the scratches look quite bad in the pics, as long as they haven't penetrated the clear coat and you can't really catch your nails on them they should polish out. I would use my DAS6 Pro and megs 205 with a white hexlogic pad first. If this removes them then happy days :) If not then megs 105 with an orange hexlogic pad should do the trick followed up with 205 on a white pad to refine. Check out the junkman videos on youtube or detailing world. Technique goes a long way when it comes to polishing and these videos helped me out a lot when it came to remove the pesky swirls on my black paint inflicted by the previous owner/dealer :D
  6. St Time!

    Jammy Smegger more like :)
  7. Cheeky Online Car Dealers..

    Don't get me started on ebay sellers using your pics on their listings! Cheeky I have reported many to ebay which resulted in some of the listings being taken down, serves them right
  8. Which Wind Deflectors For Mk7

    I've had Climairs on two Fiestas now and they have scratched the top of the window glass on both.
  9. Dash Board Colour

    Piano Black
  10. Bargain Winter Tyres For Zetec-S Owners

    Sorry couldn't resist :)
  11. Ford Etis, Thoughts

    Had the same when I bought my Metal. It was originally registered with a private plate which the owner retained. The only way to find it on Etis is with the original reg or the VIN. A new reg was allocated when I bought it which does show up on insurance comparison websites.
  12. Fiesta Specs For 2012?

    Try the attached brochure :) Fiesta.pdf
  13. Dmb Graphic Overlays

    They look fine to me also. Would you really get up close to your car and squint at the badges? If you're really unsure stick them on with a bit of blu tack and see what you think, I'm fairly sure you'll be pleased with them.
  14. Surface Scratches And Swirls

    Looking good B)
  15. Surface Scratches And Swirls

    As above use a good quality microfibre or lambswool wash mitt rather than a sponge for a 2 bucket wash and some good drying towels instead of the chamois. To go further you ideally need some contaminant removal products such as Tardis for tar removal and Iron X for bonded metal particles before claying. The claying should remove any further contaminants leaving a glassy smooth finish, but this in itself will not remove any swirls already inflicted in the paint. I find the Bilt Hamber clay easy to use as you just need water as a lubricant. This process should only be done initially then every 6-12 months as necessary. Removing the swirls to get a near perfect finish will need a 2-stage machine polishing process. This can seem daunting at first to the beginner, but I have done this myself for the first time with very good results. I bought my Panther Black Metal 2nd hand and it was covered in swirls which really showed up badly in bright sunlight. The one thing that really gave me the confidence to have a go at machine polishing were the Junkman2000 videos on youtube: There is an excellent series of videos for novices to machine polishing along with other helpful videos such as the 2 bucket wash technique. I used a Das6 Pro polisher along with Meguiars 105 and 205 polishes and Hexlogic pads as recommended in these videos. After polishing I used a combination of Autoglym Super Resin Polish followed by HD wax for protection. I am really pleased with the results as my car now looks stunning, especially in direct sunlight :D If you are really serious about detaiing then I would recommend checking out the Detailing World forums for a vast amount of information: Hope this helps :)