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  1. MK7.5 Gel Overlays

    Email [emoji1303]
  2. Black Badges[emoji1303] they can do various designs and colours
  3. 1.0 ecoboost developed rattle/noise?

    mine has always had this rattle its just the engine noise unfortunately!
  4. New ford user

    alot of colours go with grey, depends if you have a theme for the rest of the car
  5. Hi, Has anyone had the superchips map done on the 140 fiesta? and what are your opinions? thanks!
  6. Re-mapping Red edition?

    i was thinking this myself, surely the engine has been boosted to its max to recieve the 140 , i think it would need an uprated clutch and brakes to deal with more power personally.
  7. Just joined the Fiesta Club!

    good choice :)
  8. 3cycl eco boost engine rattle/response from ford

    i havn't , ive heard it on a few other fiestas since owning mine like at traffic lights etc so just prosumed it was the norm. i do find that not having an engine cover also makes it louder.
  9. 3cycl eco boost engine rattle/response from ford

    i have this rattle on my 15 plate 140 ecoboost
  10. 1.0L ecoboost engine oil

    I took my 1.0 black edition for its first service last week, I wonder if this has also happened to me as they havnt even stated what oil was used on the service and tbh I'm not 100% convinced the oil was even changed. I also know they didn't check the tyre pressures as one of my valve caps had stuck on prior to the service and they didn't even acknowledge this. Hmmm......
  11. Red edition mods

  12. Insurance for Mountuned ST

    Green light
  13. Tyre Pressure Monitor

    It usually only tells you when the tyre is loosing pressure quick unless you have tyre pressure sensors which display the pressure of each tyre
  14. Wind deflector problems

    Or it is because the window is catching the wind deflector meaning it triggers the sensor for the window
  15. Wind deflector problems

    I had this problem at first, they usually take a few days to bed themselves :)