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  1. You will need a UV lamp and yellow lensed glasses to see any leaks from your air con. Most likely the condensor in front of the radiator as this can be damaged by stones.
  2. Check for leaking core plugs in cylinder head between spark plugs. There are two types of plug, one scews in and the other is a dished core plug fitted with a hammer. Common fault on the focus also.
  3. This happened on my old 51 plate focus. Disconnect signal wire for air con from behind heater fan switch. This will disable auto switch-on of air con when demisting at a fast speed but air con will still operate with air con switch.
  4. Hi again Had a thought Only problem is you will then have to get Ford to put the car on IDS to pair the dash with the car.
  5. Hi Are your mileages similar? If so why not swap instrument clusters.
  6. Hi Hate to state the obvious but as this is a UK based forum the Fusion in the US is not the same car as the UK. Tends to be little old ladies running about in them here. No need for customising!!! muddler1958
  7. Hi Recover refrigerant through low pressure port. Evacuate through high and low pressure ports for minimum 30 mins. Recharge through high pressure port. All with engine and AC switched off. If no refrigerant in system suggest evacuating for 60 mins, then recharge with half fill and run AC and check for leaks. If no leaks top up to recommened fill. Hope this helps muddler1958
  8. Temp and pressure sounds right. Should have recovered refrigerant and drawn a vacuum for 30 mins before filling with refrigerant again to make sure all moisture removed. Will do as a temorary fix though.
  9. Hi Low pressure service point is on reciever dryer behind r/h headlight. Takes 0.470 kg refrigerant (R134a). Remove headlight to gain access (3 screws). Sticker under headlight. Serviced the wife's 07 Fusion on nightshift last night. Same problem as you. Manufactures are not filling systems to full capacity when new. Doesn't take much refrigerant loss to stop the system working. Hope this helps