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  1. Fiesta 2017 [Mk 8]

    I did seriously look at the new model. I didn't like the floating console and the wife hated it, saying it would be too distracting and would prefer it built-in. The interior was ok, I thought it flowed well. It's the back end though...I just couldn't get past it looking like a Kia...the change wasn't radical enough for me. The real deal breaker though was the hike in prices and I wanted the equivalent in specification to what I already have. Alas, the financing was just too steep for me. Maybe in a year, I will trade-in the white Titanium and see where we go from there.
  2. Fiesta 2017 [Mk 8]

    Thanks for all the feedback, guys! In the end, I needed another car for a new, full-time and much higher paid job which has great tax-free mileage per month, so I ended up getting another Mark 7.5 Titanium, nine months old [66 reg] for £10,500. It was a Ford rep's car and had just under 10,000 on the clock. I did it on PCP with road tax, insurance and three years servicing thrown in. They filled the tank up and threw in some nice new car mats. Picked it up yesterday and I now have a sleek looking Deep Impact blue Titanium sitting next to my beloved white one...which has suddenly become the "property" of my wife. I don't think I did too badly there, as the mileage payments will cover at least 50% of the monthly car payment.
  3. Fiesta 2017 [Mk 8]

    Maybe this question has already been asked but has anybody checked out the new shape/spec Fiesta? Mine isn't due for renewal until next July, however, Ford are already scratching my itch by inviting me to come and see the new model. Going off the new pricing structure, a Titanium would cost more than my current one and my equivalent monthly payments would only get me a Zetec...which is not an option. I have a brochure and I am not even sure I like the new shape in the pictures and maybe it needs to be seen in actuality. The other option is to buy my current car.
  4. Just got a Titanium, want to get other alloys

    I got the ten-spoke ones on mine. It's a Titanium with the City Pack at no extra cost. I think they are the same as used on the Focus and I love them.
  5. Start/Stop Technology question

    I took my eye of the ball and hit a wall! Wrote it off...the chassis was twisted beyond repair. I bought it off a mechanic who had made some *cough* 'minor adjustments' *cough* After I got the insurance payout, I bought a 2 litre Cortina Ghia in red, with a Weber carburetor and the plushest interior I have ever seen. .
  6. Start/Stop Technology question

    I was 29 when I passed my test [first attempt]. I bought a Ford Escort 1.6 and wrote it off within two weeks.
  7. White Plug In Dashboard.

    Sounds good! B) Doesn't sound good! :D
  8. White Plug In Dashboard.

    Cheers mate.
  9. White Plug In Dashboard.

    Today, whilst cleaning the interior, I noticed a panel at the right-hand side of the steering wheel, just below it. I opened it, and inside is a white socket/connection that looks very similar to a scart-lead socket. Anyone any ideas what this is for? Thanks. :)
  10. First Service

    Your Fiesta is the first one I've seen with the same 8-spoke alloys as mine. I was beginning to think mine was the only one. :D
  11. Gearing?

    I've been caught-out at roundabouts several times with the 100ps Ecoboost. Second gear is way too sluggish, so I have now altered my driving habits to suit the car. Btw, I am now getting, on average, around 55mpg from the car.
  12. Fiesta Radio Speakers

    I wondered the same. The sound on the Sony system is very good, though and makes a complete mockery of the piddly system my previous Clio Dynamique had in it.
  13. Fiesta Wind Deflectors 2012 Model Onwards.

    Looking to fit wind deflectors myself, but doubt I would use them for their purpose and just a style element on the car, as I have climate control...and just looking to put them on the front windows, too. I know someone who has Heko on their Corsa and they look pretty good.
  14. Is It Possible To Install Parking Sensors On A Zetec?

    Not much quicker, but definitely more fun.
  15. Is It Possible To Install Parking Sensors On A Zetec?

    I have the rear parking-sensors on mine and they are a little difficult to trust at first but I got used to them and trust them completely. My wife however...she doesn't like them at all. :D