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  1. Thinking of remapping, is it worth it?

    I have the same engine in my fiesta and had mine re mapped once the engine had done 2000 miles and it made a great improvement to how the engine pulls. The biggest improvement is lower down in the rev range as Ford limit the torque output due to the gearbox being on the limit of what it can handle. It also gives a bit of extra omph higher up in the rev range mine has done over 30,000 miles now and I have had no issues. Forgot to mention I used Bluefin.
  2. Best Remap for 1.0l ecoboost 125

    I have a eco boost 125 and re mapped it after 2,000 miles with Super chips it has really changed how the engine responds as the torque low down is hugely improved and it pulls nice and strong to the red line. My car has now covered 30,000 miles and all is well I have looked at a stage 2 map for my car but was put off as the 5 speed box is not strong enough to deal with the extra torque if you search in the forums you'll most likely find a few members that have had gearbox problems from too much torque.
  3. Where did you go for the remap ? Have you changed your exhaust from standard?
  4. stage 2 stage 3 Remapping

    I think Stage 1 is the sweet spot as it's quite cheep to have done and gives you great mid range torque as Ford limited this to stop the five speed boxes from being a warranty issue and a bit more top end power. I have had mine running at 150Bhp since around 2k miles now I am on 27k and am really wanting more but as mentioned above I am quite put off buy the chance my engine could give up on me and that you need a bigger inter cooler £350 and full cat back exhaust £1050.
  5. Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost oil cooler installation

    If it was me I would either fit a aftermarket gauge so that oil temp could be monitored OR use one of those bluetooth OBD port plugs with a bit of software on your phone and see if its possible to monitor it that way. You can also tell if the engine oil has over heated (120 Deg C or so) as it smells burnt but as the other poster said I very much doubt youll have any issues as Ford would have tested that engine is every climate going. If you are tracking the car with a re map and really do want to go for a aftermarket oil cooler my suggestion would be to use a Laminova oil to coolant type cooler as you cant over cool the oil as the heat is being dumped into the engine coolant system which is how the standard Ford oil cooler works apart from its much smaller. Another advantage of that style of cooler is it aids fast oil heat up from cold as the engine coolant heats up way quicker than the oil.
  6. rearview camera connection to new headunit

    Paramaniac Please try link below it has many pics of my car. Having issues trying to get the exact link as PhotoBucket is very slow this morning. http://s1208.photobucket.com/g00// This is the direct link Please note the housing is a work in progress there is much to finish but it gives you an idea of what I am going for.
  7. rearview camera connection to new headunit

    Black plug that connects to the small LCD display pin no / Function 6 picture / center pin 11 shield neg 12 brown green neg I have done the above in my Fiesta Titanium X with a Alpine 800 DU.
  8. 1.0 Ecoboost Rear Disc Upgrade

    I have just bought a full set of brakes from a ST and have found that one benifit is that the rear twist beam is a good few millimetres thicker than the beam from a drum brake car thus will help with body roll when cornering.
  9. Satnav retrofit help

    Hi I have the same spec fiesta as you and the Rev camera connections are in the large black plug that has a latch so if they are run into that 4 pin green plug you'll need to get some screened cable and connect on to them and run them into that green connector. i did have the pin outs for the Rev camera written down as I had to work them out when I fitted my Alpine unit. I done this by stripping the boot and following the cable run to a plug on the NS / C post and then jus buzzed them out from there. If it will help I can dig them out tomorrow night. Regards karl
  10. Agreed its way to complex to go changing displays these days as they are usually integrated into the car security system among other things. I use this app Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) It has to be used in conjunction with a Bluetooth OBD reader https://www.amazon.co.uk/Goliton®-Bluetooth-Compatible-Android-Support/dp/B009NPAORC/ref=sr_1_6?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1472940910&sr=1-6&keywords=bluetooth+obd+reader
  11. aftermarket radio fiesta mk7.5

    I changed my stereo a good few months ago and went with a Connects 2 adaptor which allowed me to use the steering wheel controls with my stereo and still hear the audible beeps from my factory front and rear parking sensors. https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/ctsfo008-2-ford-b-max-c-max-fiesta-focus-escape-steering-wheel-stalk-control-adaptor.html As for the reverse camera I am not sure if that device allows you to keep it, I just re wired my factory reverse camera into my stereo and its worked great. It seems that we are really limited with aftermarket adaptors for the fiesta as I have lost the small display screen but gained an Alpine 8 inch media centre. Also, I think the aftermarket fascia kit is just way to angular and really doesn't suit the interior of the Fiesta.
  12. 1L Ecoboost Possible Problem :s

    I have listened to the videos and the engine sounds normal to me mine sounds just the same when started from warm or cold, I have found it a bit more noisy / tappy from cold as I believe more ignition advance is used thus increasing the metallic sound ( I think that the metallic sound is combustion) . Direct injection does make a distinct sound in that its a bit more harsher sounding that your standard indirect injection.
  13. jackie91

    Try using Google https://www.google.co.uk/#q=u1039+fault+on+ford+fiesta
  14. 1.0 Ecoboost Rear Disc Upgrade

    Hi Willy I have never really been a big fan or rear disks on smaller cars as the handbrake never seems to work as well due to the caliper design / Or have the hold strength of drum brakes. From reading information on the braking system on the Fiesta it seems that the fronts do about 75% of the total braking so by going for the ST front set you are making a huge improvement . I would like to know more about the ST brake system it would be interesting to know if the front to rear braking bias it different from the disk and drum set up also I wonder if changing the front calipers would have any effect on the working of the ABS system. I am interested in upgrading my front brakes at some point also so would be interested in your experiences?
  15. Bluefin Happend :)

    Hi James I re mapped mine the same way 5 months ago and it really makes a difference the car really pulls away now usually with the front wheels fighting to keep traction on a damp day. Still awaiting to get a date for the stage 2 re map.