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  1. Hi and thanks for reply Unfortunately it's answers I want - not judgement ! I think anything off ebay would only add to the car's Polish build quality ! Don't knock ebay as there's loads of KAs new and old on there for sale. The car is hardly built like my Lexus ! So, does anyone out there know about removing the side panels and the any info on the type of door mechanism ? Hardly rocket science. Any technical info and not judgement would be great - thanks.
  2. Just got my wife the new KA - amazing car for money butcould only get the Studio in silver at a weeks notice. Problem is the door locking.You cannot lock the passenger door from the outside ! So paking is critical on our drive as he wife usually locks the drivers door and climbs out he passenger side but now cannot lock the car ! So I want to fit a cheap central locking kit - on ebay for around £25 for 4 locks ! Are the locking linkages cable or links? Anyone had the side panels off to perhaps fit better speakers ? What is the knack of taking off the side panels ? Its got to be al possible buthow easy. I don't want to pry the side panels off and break any clips as we all did back on older cars fitting our new speakers ! we've all been there ! So, anyone took off their new KA side panels or even better fitted central locking kit ? Thanks in advance - John