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  1. 1.6 Tdci Fuel Economy

    I have had similar problems with my Sat Nav picking whatever radio station it wants, but it only seems to happen in certain places (I have the advanced navigation system in the facelifted model - not touch screen). As far as fuel economy is concerned, I do about 15k a year and over the last year averaged 59.5mpg, which is actually slightly more than the computer says. Always found the trip to be pretty accurate. My driving is very varied, I regularly drive into London so do stints on the motorway and then crawling through London traffic, so I'm very pleased with the economy. Long runs to Wales plus all the hills results in 65mpg, and if I really try (56mph), 74mpg on the motorway is just possible. Funny you should mention the oil consumption (or lack of it), for the first time, mine seems to have used a tiny bit of oil (its on 31600 miles) but the oil level is always right at the top of the plastic bit on the end of the dipstick. Could the increase in oil level be due to engine temperature and oil settling back down?