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  1. Happy Birthday zmatt!

  2. New owner!

    Great stuff! Yea I was the same with my Aygo before, wasnt planning on doing to much but then read thro the forum and the rest is history haha Thanks for the info!
  3. New owner!

    Hi all! Got my 05 Focus 1.6 Zetec on tuesday, have to say, what a car! I read alot of reviews on it and it really does live up to them and better! This is only my 2nd car, probably feels so good as my 1st car was a Aygo, which in itself was a great little car to nip about in. However you cant beat having a more powerful car that handles better and has pretty much everything you need inside it (one thing the aygo lacked) Ive already had a good search around to see what people have done to there Focus mk1's but if anyone knows of a good thread on here or a good site for the Focus mk1 in general or a Focus mk1 modification site please post it up! :D I look forward to getting to kno all the Focus owners as I did the Aygo owners over at TOC. Bring on FOC haha Matt