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  1. How often spark plugs? 1,8 duratec

    hmm, interesting why every 3 years? whats happens after 3 years with spark plug?
  2. How often spark plugs? 1,8 duratec

    i changed more than 2 years and 20k miles ago...
  3. Hi, i got ford focus 2005 1.8 duratec. how often is should change spark plugs? Thanks!
  4. Hi, i have focus 2005 1.8 duratec. i heard that there is problems with swirl flaps on this engine. and swirl flaps can destroy engine. Mine has done 120k miles. how to tell if swirl flaps bad? i do not hear any ticking noise
  5. yeah from the exhaust
  6. Hi. petrol smell on cold start ford focus 1.8 duratec, it is normal ? i shouldn't worry about it?
  7. hi. i'm just wondering. are 1.8 duratec engine is any good?, can this engine do at list 200 000 miles, if we using good oil, every 7 thousand miles? sorry about my English!
  8. Click Click Noise From Crankshaft Pulley

    maybe someone who driving with focus 1.8 mk 2 can check that?
  9. Click Click Noise From Crankshaft Pulley

    here is video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBNmOfE1A5o&feature=youtu.be
  10. hi. i have focus 1.8i 2005 when engine warming up, and rpm is about 700 , i can hear some click click noise from crankshaft pulley area. if i remove belt, then noise is still there. It is normal?
  11. im just wanna ask,emissions are alright or too high? i know i pass MOT ,but neutral idle test CO looks a little bit too high? 0.289 ? or number like this is alright?
  12. Focus 1.8 2005 Rpm Fluctuation Problem

    id i disconected the small hose on the top of the maniflod . it works fine
  13. hi. i have exactly same problem like on this video, - cleaning the throttle body didn't help me, i changed rpm sensor, still same problem. maybe someone know whats wrong?
  14. Fail Mot, Which Bush ?

    Hi. i have ford focus 2005 , i fail mot because - nearside front (rear bush) suspension arm rubber bush Deteriorated Which bush i need to change it - This one ?