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  1. Hello, gvincentiu, the roof bars look great, what make are they ?


  2. Low Pressure Fuel Problem

    You must push all air from pipes and diesel filter to fuel tank. It's hard because you need to squeeze the rubber pump (it's on the left side, above to pipe connector) until no noise will be heard in upper pipe. By this, all air from filter will be pushed to fuel tank. Few weeks ago i made this for a Fusion that change only the fuel filter at an auto service. They told him that is not necessary to purge all air.... Of Course, the engine has stopped from time to time.. Started good, runed well and stopped again. Until I purged all air... I remembered that I squeeze the rubber pump about 5-7 minutes (about 70 -80 times). After that, you must remove the (-) minus battery pole about 10-15 minutes to reset your ECU, if the MIL lamp blinking.
  3. Low Pressure Fuel Problem

    No pump in The tank. Do you remove all air from the pipes? It's somehow hard to do that.
  4. Fusion 2006 1.4 Tdci

    Usually you gain 20 HP: http://mbtuning.ro/ford/
  5. Some DIY adjustments to my Fusion, since 2008 1. Supplementary 12V socket, 2. Roof bars, 3. MP3 decoder, 4. Roof box made by plywood, 5. Removable phoneholder, 6. Rear bike rack, 7. Collapsible, adjustable drink holder. If you have any questions, i'm glad to answer.