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  1. Hi & welcome Emma, ignore the reprobate that said get a Focus, how are you finding the KA+? I have not seen a KA+ in person yet but they look like a great improvement on the the original KA, hope you keep yourself a regular round here and it would be great to see you at Ford Fair if you fancy the long drive from Scotland, anyway don't be afraid to ask questions even the silliest I'm sure we would all try and help anyway we can
  2. I'd get it changed out straight away not sure on oil specs but seems fairly important to use the right oil
  3. Same error code I got, new fuel filter will most definitely sort it did for me
  4. Focccus software Forscan software: (Choose the one relevant to you) This is the latest software as far as I know if you want a older version take a look here
  5. Sadly they don't change the fuel filter in a service unless you pay extra for them to do it. I highly recommend a ELM cable too got one my self and it's brilliant
  6. Had the same issue, fixed it by replacing the fuel filter (same car as you) assuming yours is a diesel
  7. I'd get a Zetec S with the same engine because I always wanted the bodykit but they don't seem to do my cars colour (Midnight Sky) and I'm not sure about spray painting costs (Quietly asking for advice )
  8. Might be part of Aesthetic lighting which needs enabling using Focccus
  9. @Willy Have you tried disabling in Focccus saving then re-enabling then saving again? Worked for my mate after replacing the mirror.
  10. I'm young I use Halfords because I got sick of being told lies prior to my MOT's tried quite a few garages one year cost me a few hundred quid because of my search. I was told Tyres worn, brakes not road worthy, wipers not clearing properly and many other things over the years I knew the items were okay because I'd only just replaced my brakes and wipers and measured my tread depth which was evenly worn and way within the legal limit. Been using Halfords for 4 years now never had a problem never been ripped off, I had to get my beam pattern corrected this last time but glad I did I can see brilliantly at night now.
  11. Remember to keep earthing yourself while removing the airbag, I kept touching the door striker to remove static
  12. I missed that step because the guide wasn't clear enough but just be careful with it not to rotate it you'll know what it is when it's off. The hardest part of the job for me was taking off the airbag from the front of the wheel it wasn't having any of it took me about an hour of perseverance.
  13. Not a problem did to my MK3 the cruise control shows up on your instrument cluster mate.
  14. To fix it depends in the UK not really but abroad yeah, I've had no aircon for 2 years as it's empty (I think) getting it regassed and serviced at Ford next month, I had to do without it going Ford Fair last year and I really wish I had it as it was absolutely awful windows down, but for the majority of the time doing without would be fine.
  15. I use Thule ProRide 591 when going mountain biking around the country but locally I take off my front wheel and throw it in the back (seats down) I have a bike with a XL frame and 29" wheels plenty of room. (MK3 Focus) boot is bigger in the older ones I think.