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  1. Have you previously had the cambelt done or will this be the first time since 2003? Pull off in first unless you have enough speed to drive off in 2nd, riding the clutch can sometimes cause noises
  2. WOW, you are so angry at a feature that uses a bit of extra fuel so much so that you justify getting a much bigger car where the economy won't be as good as the focus with the feature switched on all the time, I think you should go apologise to a tree for wasting its oxygen.
  3. Would look alright with stock exhaust and lights, turn it into an off roader.
  4. Stop start only works when a number of conditions are met not entirely sure which conditions but the engine being a certain temperature I know definitely gets taken into account, as for the front and rear heated screens, they will stop the vehicle going into stop mode but once the windows are finished doing what they need to do then stop start should start functioning again. During regeneration you will feel a vibration much heavier than you're used to especially at idle, and it will make a loud noise due to the fan on your intercooler going full whack, mine does the exact same when the car is in regen, nothing to worry about.
  5. MK4? They probably won't make a thread about it on the internet complaining about something that makes their lives easier and going to the world end to turn off such a great feature, but I'll play your little voting game 2. Yep great idea
  6. I don't think the 1.6 petrol MK2 has a turbo so if they pull that card on you, they're talking rubbish, but they might be honest and forgotten something as simple as a sensor.
  7. Rough idle, have a look at getting it serviced, all filters and maybe look into getting a carbon clean done like terraclean, I swear by it, it's ***** brilliant.
  8. Yes they're CAN-bus I changed my sidelights to LED (CAN-bus friendly) and they're great.
  9. Have you checked the exhaust pipes are seated properly on the exhaust manifold, might just be wear and tear and needs a new bolt because one has come loose or broke.
  10. If the heated screens bother you so much to the point you worry about the effect they have on your fuel bill then you can't afford to drive that car, same goes for if you're worried about the lifespan of the battery/ generator/ alternator or whatever, you can't afford to drive that chosen car, when buying a car you have to be prepared to pay for the upkeep, such as tyres, MOT's, services (even you only do oil changes), air con recharges and DPF and many more I may have not listed, when I bought my car I knew the DPF would one day be an issue, so I set aside £400 (Not all in one go) so I could buy a new DPF the day it goes NOPE, I've even put a further £120 to the side for a DPF clean just in case that'll fix it. It's not hard to put bits of money to the side for your vehicle every month or two and if it is you might not be able to afford to drive if you can't afford to maintain it, sorry but its a harsh truth.
  11. Does it turn off when you open your door to get out?
  12. You're looking at about £250 upwards best thing to do is go down to a specialist give them your budget and they can advise you from there, maybe for sound purposes get a K&N air filter, assuming the car does not have a turbo the sound may not be as good as it would on a turbo vehicle.
  13. Won't matter if it has one or not, you won't know if it's been serviced without a proper history, in prep I would get the car serviced as soon as possible just for peace of mind :)
  14. Looks clean, you could get yourself down to Powerflow if they're near you and have them custom make an exhaust for you, cheap will just sound bad like a ***** can from Halfords, you'll pay a bit more at a proper company but you can also choose how it will sound.
  15. I think you'll get away with it just about, but no harm in putting them on to check, can't see them rubbing the top of the wheel arch if they rub when you're turning then you'll need a steering rack limiter.