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  1. Etis problem,had e-mail back.

    Still not working for me
  2. childish little bell

    Not the right way to deal with things though is it? Thing is he has gone through the correct channels if nothing gets done, nothing gets done but if it happens again the police won't have too much of a choice but to deal with it. Be a lover not a fighter
  3. How to find Focus spec?

    It seems to be a bit buggy at the moment, try a different internet browser, Ford recently updated the website and it is having a few issues.
  4. clutch issues ?

    You can try a gear that's way too high for accelerating so for example for me 6th gear would be pointless as it won't gain me any speed and the engine will be struggling at 30 mph but if your revs climb your clutch is on its way out. Bad explanation on my part but I couldn't think of a way of putting it.
  5. Removing wax from black trim

    I just use a damp microfiber and elbow grease
  6. Getting your fuel filter would also be a great idea, I change mine and my families every 12 months as they do get blocked and throw engine malfunction errors.
  7. Change of stereo

    You can change it to whatever you want, you will need a new fascia for most which can be purchased from https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/ find the fascia that fits your car and simply choose a stereo. Most will come with a USB wire which you can wire to any part of your car I chose to wire through to my glovebox but you can also do it through the centre console but might require making another whole to hold the USB, as for speakers you will have to measure the size of your current ones or purchase a mounting plate.
  8. A/C comes on when starting engine

    When used in conjunction with heated windscreen in winter it melts the ice extremely quickly
  9. A/C comes on when starting engine

    Think it depends on what setting you have it on so if you have set it to blow on the front window only AC comes on but if you have it on your feet and window AC does not come on, also if you turn it all the way down the AC can also turn on then. Try a few different settings.
  10. Service oil

    I found this online Turn off the ignition  Close all doors.  press and hold the Start button for two seconds without touching the brake pedal.  Next, simultaneously press the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal and hold for a minimum of 20 seconds, until a “Service: Oil reset in prog.” message shows on the instrument cluster display.  Continue holding the accelerator and brake pedals until the display says “Service: Oil reset complete”.  The oil change reminder indicator will turn off. This confirms that the reset procedure has been correctly completed. Hope that helps :)
  11. Service oil

    Chances are it has not been reset on the last service, not sure of the reset procedure but, put key in ignition fully press down on both the accelerator and brake turn key to pos 2 (one before you fire it up) wait 10 ish seconds and a message should come up saying reset. If pressing the accelerator and brake doesn't work try clutch and brake. Make sure all doors are closed when doing this or it won't work.
  12. Ford mk3 stereo upgrade

    I have done this upgrade my self except I bought a Pioneer stereo and it's incredible over standard, works perfectly with my phone and DAB displaying all the information about song playing and station etc, downside is if you want built in navigation you have to buy a separate box which you install into your glove box which is expensive, but I just use my phones navigation which is more than adequate, as for sound quality it's amazing and would be even better with the right speakers, you also get full control over each individual speaker if you wish and a very customisation equaliser. It also looks the part but altogether cost me about £500 for everything, including the fascia and steering wheel control leads, soon I'll be getting the rear view camera added too. It also keeps functions such as reverse sensors beep.
  13. Bye Focus r.i.p thinking of a car change

    Go for the 1.0 for a similar price much quicker than the 1.25 and I think better economy too.
  14. Adams story game

    Thomas the tank engine