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  1. It makes more sense to have the exhaust done then the remap but only if it's a custom remap, not sure if your car has DPF but they're not as restrictive as people make out if you have the original if it's aftermarket yes.
  2. 200 miles from £50 of diesel I get around 650 miles from a full tank which costs around the £50 marker. I would look at getting it serviced mainly a new fuel filter consumption can go up dramatically with a dirty/clogged one, secondly with that sort of mileage you will benefit from a service such as terraclean which cleans the internals of the engine but as you say money is tight and it costs roughly £110 but is very good. Do the fuel filter first to buy one and fit yourself you're looking at £20ish for a garage to fit around £40-£60 good idea to ask around if you don't feel like doing it yourself, highly doubt your vehicle has a DPF so that's certainly one less thing to sorry about.
  3. You should be okay Check out this website it will tell you the difference between your tyre sizes as well as tell you if it's safe to do so. Disclaimer: Even though the calculations are accurate it's best talking to a professional first.
  4. Depending on mileage assuming you have a petrol the idle control valve might be worth cleaning or replacing depending if cleaning doesn't work.
  5. It does sound like a clutch issue, not sure about the clear liquid all I can think of is water from condensation especially with cold weather
  6. Sorry for the late reply, how are you trying to upload them? You have 2 options really upload using the forum or use an image host such as photobucket, imageshack upload your images then insert the URL (the link) to the image in your post. Not sure why it's not working perhaps messaging one of the admins might shed some light on this for you
  7. Nope seems to work for me, have you added any new extensions? Might be your browser I know Firefox has been problematic since the last update for a few people, I use Chrome my self
  8. First gear is rubbish it was the same on mine until my remap, don't change too early into 2nd for better performance, PCM update will be worth having done anyway, as for the lumpy running change your fuel filter 20k is a bit long to keep in my opinion they get clogged very easily, once changed the lumpy running should go away and restored power throughout I changed mine and I had a lovely running car again. Don't worry about the DPF it will keep going for a lot more miles assuming you do a steady mix of town and motorway driving.
  9. I believe it can be retrofitted by buying the switch with the A on it new windscreen and the sensor that sticks to the window also it will need to be enabled using an elm cable
  10. Any news on when club tickets will be available or if we're going to have a stand this year? Managed to book the day off work would be great if I could go with the club
  11. Blows air onto the windscreen
  12. Find a long downhill section of road when it's quiet and hold you brake pedal very lightly not enough to slow you down loads just enough to make contact with the disc and let it gradually file it down, if not give it some harder braking on a drive, if still nope new discs.
  13. That's a serious upgrade! What's your next upgrade & do you have a specific power you're reaching for?
  14. Give it some love fresh oil & filter, air filter and sparkies, try something like redex and give it a blast. If it still fails you're looking down the carbon cleaning (Terraclean) route approx £100 but worth it.