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  1. I believe the engines are the same so go for the cheapest option and get a remap if need be.
  2. Some people line the wheel arches (top side) with sound deadening products this makes a huge difference from what I've heard
  3. @GingerFlame had serious issues (Engine failure IIRC) with AET Motorsport so I'd stay clear of them perhaps he might know which company to recommend
  4. Any car detailer have a google "Car detailers near me" check out the websites and more importantly the Facebook pages get in touch over phone or better take a drive down in your chosen car and they will go over different packages with you, I have seen some places charging up to £500 for big packages which take around 3-5 days, a protection detail will take around 12 hours from what I've seen my Fiesta took 8 hours between 2 lasses
  5. I could be wrong but do you not have a USB option? On my MK3 I have a centre console USB but can play music from a stick through my headunit but I have to choose USB not AUX
  6. Just at a quick glance in the Haynes Manual it says Battery terminal connections loose or corroded Ignition components damp or damaged Fuel injection system fault Major mechanical failure (eg, timing belt) Their is a few others listed but not relevant after watching the video. I'd suggest talking to your warranty company about getting the car repaired by Ford themselves as with all the trouble you're having is just beyond a joke. I hope this is some help to you if you need more information I can take pictures of pages from the manual for you.
  7. West Yorkshire Tuning had my car done there great lad and shouldn't be far from you best money I spent and it's a custom tune https://www.facebook.com/westyorkshire.tuning/
  8. I had a frozen white Fiesta I actually found it easier to keep clean than my current midnight sky Focus, all I'd say is if you choose white is do what I did, when I bought it I got it a protection detail and it just did the me a whole world of good, dirt did not stick to it and tar marks were easy to remove, the protection detail was the best £120 I've ever spent lasted 2 years. P.S Don't go for that rubbish paint protection a dealer tells you to get a car detailer will do a far better job.
  9. Not a 100% sure if you can use LED bulbs in your dipped beam if you have a reflector housing type headlight I know you shouldn't with HID's but LED I am unsure, for my dipped beam I use Osram NightBreaker Laser they're the best halogen bulb I've used massive improvement on the normal NightBreakers, but I heard they don't last too long but I drive mainly at night and have had them for a good 6 months now I think. Autobeam do great LED sidelights they just didn't last longer than 2 weeks on my car before failing but older cars seem okay they're aware of the problems.
  10. A lot of people have gone abroad or are busy going on short breaks, I have to wait until September for my holiday though :'(
  11. Depends how much the car means to you, I'd personally pay a body shop to sort it out.
  12. Was with LV for my first 3 years driving but they wouldn't allow any mods, so been with Admiral 2 years who have allowed to me add everything I want with the biggest hit being my remap costing £60 to my yearly total.
  13. Yeah, are the new modules built into the headunit themselves? if they're I should be good to go ahead and upgrade?
  14. No removing just a hose, as for cleaning it do whatever you want but remember you might mess it up look for something like the image below to the back of your engine. Image credit to Stoney