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  1. It could be just the bumper needs slotting back into place this was the case with my Fiesta gave it a few wiggles upwards and it moved into place, otherwise open your bonnet unscrew the headlight bolts and try moving them into the slot then screw the bolts back in. That seems to big of a gap just to be normal.
  2. I have the same engine so might be able to help that department, the light situation not so much, you should not be having enough turbo lag to cause issues as it's more or less instant unless you're changing too early I think that fault is due to the loss of oil from the turbo, you shouldn't be having any oil loss from turbo or anywhere else so if you keep having to top up you might want to inspect the turbo further ensuring everything is plumbed in tightly into and from the turbo, replacing your fuel filter every 6-12 months is good practice too as that will cause significant power loss is it did me, my start stop has not worked in over a month then suddenly tonight it's decided to start working again, the start stop system has to meet very strict parameters to enable it to function so don't be alarmed when it doesn't work. So in short, replace fuel filter & check that all the pipes and connections into and from the turbo are tight. I hope I somewhat helped I'm no mechanic by any means but loss of oil is something that should not be occurring, it doesn't on mine I don't even have to top up.
  3. I use Windows firewall lol, I used to use anti viruses but realised no point for me, every few months I install Kaspersky & sometimes BitDefender just for a full scan but never have had anything turn up in the now 4 years since stopping, started as an experiment but now it's become a thing, seems if you know how to navigate the internet and have the correct software and extensions running along side your firewall you're fine. But I would recommend Kaspersky as not everyone is absolutely sure with what they're doing while on the internet. Malware-bytes is also a decent programme.
  4. Why would you be pulling away in 2nd? Unless you're facing downhill and roll slightly then engage?
  5. I often find my self over revving when needing to make a move from a stand still due to sometimes needing to rush out a roundabout, I find if I just let the clutch out slowly and when fully out put my foot down it blasts into hyperdrive lol, getting my car remapped soon so will be able to see if that helps because sometimes I feel like I'm going to die at roundabouts.
  6. Just tired of people saying how bad it is really, just a bit of wind and rain really.
  7. Some places near me have hills so steep you can easily lose 20mph with if you took it easy changing gears, Looking at eBay they only seem to cost around £25 so in the interests of saving a bit of cash which looks to be a fairly simple job I'd do that, I have a Haynes Manual I can send some pictures your way if it has anything about the pedal :)
  8. Oh wow, they're actually saying you shouldn't be changing gear quickly?! I'd be screwed if I had this problem.
  9. When you open the programme it and have connected your car, you will be able to see all the service procedures on the wrench/ spanner icon.
  10. I've used it on my mothers Mondeo not much to say really didn't really do much for my mothers because it was so blocked so we called out terraclean to do a DPF clean and it was like brand new not had a problem with it in over 2 years since and it was blocked badly. But if you want to try it first, flat surface and away you go, at the time I think it was in the service section of the programme I'll get back to you on this in a few ticks just gonna download the new software.
  11. It's not too expensive to replace the clutch on them likely will be less than £300, yeah just take it easy no hard acceleration and smooth gear changes for now.
  12. If I'm right it's going to be between £200-£400 try a few local garages or if you're mechanically minded give it a go yourself with a mate.
  13. MOT is just to make sure it's road worthy, what car do you have (Model & engine)
  14. Sure you can get the price down to £9500-£9750 no harm in sticking to your guns until they say yes xD they sell for £9500 onwards with 14k miles near me
  15. Yes @Willy does, I think he ordered his brand new from a dealer though which still might be the only way to get one until they start coming out second hand.