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  1. If you could have any car

    Focus MK3.5 ST3 petrol, that's all I want
  2. Weird Situation

    £3k for that?!?! he's taking you for a joyride! Get your own independent builder or whatever to take a look for you so you know you're not getting ripped off, looking at the picture their is not £3k of damage there at all.
  3. Focus Mk2.5 "rusty" seat mount

    I took my dads seats out and sanded it back and re coated with some anti rust spray paint, did the trick
  4. I sometimes hear a small knock but it depends on how im shifting if taking it easy I hear it, if I'm giving it a good launch the nothing, but all I can suggest is when changing don't change too fast. It's nothing to worry about I've had mine checked by a mechanic friend of mine and his Volvo even does it.
  5. Focus 2.0 diesel dpf

    MOT and Insurance are void in the case of DPF removal not worth the risk anymore, only thing you can do is get it cleaned regularly.
  6. Focus 2.0 diesel dpf

    Go to https://www.terraclean.co.uk/find-a-local-agent and enter your details they will tell you where your closest agent is, I've used Terraclean before and had great results.
  7. Focus 2.0 diesel dpf

    Just city driving should've got a petrol but take it for a deep clean, I recommend Terraclean they do DPF's but Halfords just put some additive in your tank and force regen as far as I know, but you're always going to have trouble with your DPF as you only do city miles
  8. Tyre life

    I use Asda tyres great prices some Asda's will fit them but I always choose to have Halfords fit mine and get the tracking done at the same time.
  9. Insurance claim

    Not sure but eBay or http://www.car-hood.co.uk/ford-hoods maybe they can help?
  10. 2015 Zetec S 3dr Wind deflectors???

    I have Heko but on my Focus, I believe the doors are larger on the 3 door Fiesta, I've seen them on 3 door Fiesta's so they are out there http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-mk7-3-door-Hatchback-or-ST-2009-2017-2pc-Wind-Deflectors-HEKO-Tinted/151675459305?epid=1405399387&hash=item23508fd6e9:g:SN8AAOSwv0tVTPjl They're very easy to fit
  11. Fuel Flap alignment Focus 3.5

    Not sure how to do but If it's a new car get it done under warranty
  12. Ford focus 1.6tdci dpf

    You'd be better off with petrol if it's town miles to be honest, the DPF will be an absolute nightmare for you if you don't do regular motorway miles
  13. Buying a used mk3 Focus

    Walk away and have a look at other models, performance wise now I've driven both the 1.6 TDCi and 2.0 TDCi the power in the 2.0 is good but it doesn't feel anything like 160bhp maybe they have a bad map? I have the 1.6 remapped to 150bhp it's not 160bhp but it walks my mates 2.0, but remapping a 2.0 will be amazing I should imagine.
  14. why i love fords

    Ha I had the same problem it worked once a blue moon turns out I just needed to reset the battery module
  15. Mk3 Focus TDCI Zetec S - Brake Disc sizes

    I believe if you have rear discs it will be 300mm front, 270mm rear Drums you will have 278mm at the front