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  1. Focsum MK3 1.6l Ti-VCT engine tremble issue

    Mine shakes a little at idle its the ecu making sure the emission levels are within limits think you will find most modern cars have some form of vibration at idle
  2. focus brake caliper spring

    You can get this issue with cheap brake pads as the compound is harder hence the noise. Cooper grease on the back of the pads is usually enough to stop brake noise. I would try stripping the brakes down cleaning all sliders up and re-greasing these with silicone grease and apply either cooper grease or brake grease to the back of the pads and all pad contact surfaces. Failing this try some oe pads
  3. Focsum MK3 1.6l Ti-VCT engine tremble issue

    If the engine pulls well when you are on the move and doesn't hesitate or stutter then I really wouldn't worry about it. The ecu has been mapped to fuel under load the engine may not like being revved with no load hence your issue. My focus also has a similar characteristic.
  4. Parasitic Battery Drain

    Those faults are probably linked the key less module isn't telling the instrument cluster to go to sleep hence the drain. I would start by checking the wiring to the keyless module to make sure the connection isn't loose and check for corrosion. To be honest there isn't a lot a DIYier can do with CANBUS systems as they are quite complex. Might be worth running a diagnostic check on the car using ford scan to check all modules for faults. Ford might also be able to update the software to correct this fault.
  5. Oil change frequency

    Personally I change the oil on my 2010 focus 1.8 petrol every 5-6000 miles and it runs sweetly and doesn't burn any oil yet unlike some duratec he engines. I do the oil on our cmax 1.6 tdci every 6000 miles or 6 monthly. Oil and filter changes are cheap insurance.
  6. MK1 Focus Steering Issue

    Also the power steering racks on the old mk 1.5 focus can wear this will cause a notchy feeling in the steering especially when turning left or right from the straight ahead position. You could try changing the power steering fluid think these use a green fluid rather than the standard atf red fluid in some other fords. Front strut mounts can also cause this issue.
  7. MK1 Focus Steering Issue

    If this problem has only occurred after fitting the larger wheels then this is the problem. The bigger wheels will make the steering heavier as the wheels cover more service area than the standard wheels. I would expect the power steering to compensate for the extra load however if there is some wear in the system this might not happen. I think you will need put up with the heavy steering or swap back to 15s. Personally I would have the 15s over the 17s everyday of the week. Bigger lower profile wheels just make the ride uncomfortable and crashy.
  8. Ford 1.6 Ti-VCT which fuel to use, Super or Normal?

    I run BP ultimate in my focus 1.8 petrol and it does seem to run a lot smoother along with a little more poke.
  9. Engine under tray

    Dont think they do a lot other than keep the engine cleaner. Mine has one.
  10. Popping/banging

    Have a similar noise on mine from the rear both rear drop links replaced with genuine ford ones. I was thinking maybe it was the top mounts for the rear shocks. Think I might need to replace the front drop links fairly soon aswell.
  11. GEM module disconnecting/reconnecting problems

    I am surprised it hasn't got the wiring to be honest. This is a feature I would like on mine but I don't think it worth the hassle because of the potential damage caused if you get it wrong could cost a fortune.
  12. Turbo Whine

    Sounds like the turbo is failing to be honest if its the first its done well to last 12 years. You could always keep driving the car and change the oil regularly to help avoid the problem getting worse. Worse case is that the turbo seizes up potentially sending bits into the engine.
  13. Screenwasher reservoir leak

    Your focus is still under warranty if it is a 2016 model I would take it in.
  14. How can remove the silver trim of Central armrest?

    Wilto I only asked about your gear change cables as the gear change on my 1.8 feels notchy doesn't feel like its the gearbox but more likely the linkage inside the car. Whats your like?
  15. How can remove the silver trim of Central armrest?

    Why are you replacing your gear selector cables??