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  1. Ive got got the same issue anyone got a pictures where it clips too. Cheers.
  2. Any signs of accident repairs at the rear of the car. Water leaks are usually cause by poor repairs.
  3. What speakers have you had fitted???
  4. Yes mine whines in reverse. The IB5 also whines in first gear aswell you might also hear a slight whine in 4th gear aswell. Both focuses ive had where all the same.
  5. Hopefully your engine didn't get to hot when it lost most of its coolant.
  6. My focus has the IB5 yours sounds normal.
  7. From my experience the crank bolt is really tight an impact gun would make light work of it. I struggled with a breaker bar to be honest. I would invest in a flywheel locking tool to ensure the crank doesn't move at all as you have to remove the crank pin before tightening the crank bolt otherwise you will be dropping the sump to remove the broken bits. Not a difficult job but ensuring the timing doesn't move is very important.
  8. They can be a little notchy I wouldnt worry about it as long as the box is quiet and doesnt make any unpleasant noises when changing gear.
  9. hmmm might buy a standard air box and drill it and put the seal around it lol
  10. Can you just buy the RS air box lid rather than whole airbox. I remember when I did my air filter for the first time a while ago the circler plate on the end of the air filter wasn't clipped in correctly it made a nice noise was tempted to leave it that way lol
  11. Badtimes dude, noticed that my clutch has started to get a bit heavier of late hopefully it was last a bit longer .
  12. What was the issue with your Gearbox fella the IB5 is usually bullet proof? Although I have noticed that my box is a bit clunky on taking up drive in both 1st and 2nd gear where as the IB5 in my old fold focus was faultless
  13. Yeah its very good stuff its only available to the trade so you might have to visit your local garage. Wasn't aware it was on eBay. Its gotta be worth ago to try and sort your oil consumption.
  14. Which pipe split?
  15. Depends on the noise to be honest does it knock when you rev it up and the let the revs drop if it does I expect you have ran it low on oil. So my first check would be the oil level. If the oil level is ok when was it last changed. To be honest we need more information on the noise is it a knocking or tapping noise does it occur when under load or when you come off the throttle.