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  1. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    My dad has had this issue with his mk3 focus we tried everything finally resorting to duck tape which did the trick however it looks terrible. In the end dad took it to a ford specialist who said there was a TSB for this problem so we had it sorted and touch wood the rubber strip has stayed attached to the car.
  2. Focus 2005 1.8i Duratec swirl flaps

    Think this problem was resolved by 2005 think it was the early mondeo's with this engine that suffered. The common symptom is a loud ticking/knocking noise when revving the engine. This can sound like terminal engine damage (Big end noise) but is usually the swirl flaps.
  3. Power steering malfunction and total loss of power

    I had this last year it was the car battery that needed replacing. Replaced the battery and haven't had this message since.
  4. Uneven idle and start stop update

    Good work sounds like it will be a good car after all.
  5. Focus 2.0 diesel dpf

    Just give it a fast run every few weeks this is what we do with our cmax diesel and its used mostly for short runs during the week. Leave it in a high gear to get the revs up and drive for half an hr or more this should keep it good.
  6. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    My mk2.5 ford focus 1.8 feels quite pokey to be honest easily keeps up with modern traffic. From memory the 1.6 likes to be revved.
  7. Uneven idle and start stop update

    And me considering the ecoboost is a new and technically advanced engine. Just goes to show you don't always need a new engine just someone who knows what they are doing.
  8. Uneven idle and start stop update

    The stop stop system is very sensitive to battery voltage you will find when you do short journeys the stop start will stop working eventually. Ive had two focuses and both stepped the rear tyres eventually very annoying. Rotating them regularly does help. No idea about the uneven idle as the ecoboost usually idles nicely. Have you checked the engine for inlet air leaks?
  9. Focus ecoboost update

    Looks a nice car fella good work.
  10. Focus ecoboost update

    Wow I am impressed any pictures of the rebuild???
  11. mk1 focus 1.6 zetecse engine noise diagnosis pleas

    My old 2004 ford focus was always a little noisy from the top end it made a tappet noise on overrun. This is a characteristic of these engines with the solid cam buckets. Those measurements are little bit out spec but this is to be expected after 100,000 miles. The noise you describe does sound like bottom end noise. These engines can be heavy on oil and if its run low I expect the bottom end has suffered. Does it make the noise on overun i.e. when you come off the throttle??
  12. Focus 1.8 Duratec oil cap part number.

    Have a look on ford parts uk they usually have genuine bits cheaper than main stealers. Has your oil consumption dropped at all???
  13. Engine Vibrations - Gearbox Mount?

    I have vibration inside my focus 1.8 HE started a couple of years ago nothing major but noticeable also noticed a different clunk on pulling away so maybe I have broken exhaust bracket. Which one was broken on your focus????
  14. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    Any signs of previous accident damage Kris seems like you have replaced most things which would cause this????