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  1. Use bp ultimate in my focus 1.8 petrol runs loads better especially with a dose millers additive.
  2. Why put a dmf on a 2.0 and not the 1.8 they are the same engine after all. Maybe the mtx box ia weaker.
  3. Did you remove the box or move it out of the way?
  4. Did you do the clutch yourself and how difficult was it to do on the driveway. Have done a clutch on vauxhall corsa years ago but the box didnt need to come up it dropped out from underneath once the input shaft was slid back.
  5. Hi, Been quoted £515 for a clutch on my focus is this a fair price. Also does the 1.8 petrol have a dual mass flywheel. Some people say yes and other say it hasnt.
  6. Could be the slave cylinder leaking or a union. Worst case its a gearbox out job.
  7. You will no chance of getting any help from ford financially you should have taken the car to ford in the first place. I think they would have contributed as the degas pipe replacement was part of the recall.
  8. Hi, Ive got a 2010 Ford Focus 1.8 petrol ive suspected for a while that I have a top engine mount issue. Noticed more vibration and noise last year nothing extreme. Also on starting sometimes there is a slight knocking from the engine compartment before the engine starts. Also I cant decide if the engine is sitting lower on the drivers side. No oil leakage has been noted, however the rubber bush visible from the top looks a little perished. Has anyone else had a similar issue. Car drives ok
  9. Whats the sound quality like compared to the ford sony unit???
  10. Can you put a video on?
  11. I have 2010 ford focus 1.8 petrol the aircon has always whined since i bought the car at 18k and 3 years old I always thought it was normal. It has never got noisier.
  12. Anyone got an Eonon Stereo with Sat Nav in there focus. Anyone recommend one or are they best avoided?
  13. My rear speakers on my mk2.5 stopped working I replaced both this weekend with some aftermarket speakers. Quite a lengthy job took me 3 hours for the first speaker and 1.5 hours for the second. Door panel removing is fiddly. I cut the guts out of the old ford speakers and used the shell to mount the new speakers in. I also wired the new speakers to the factory plugs to avoid cutting any wiring. I tested both speakers with my multi meter and both had died. I also tested the wiring and the factory head unit to ensure there weren't any problems elsewhere. You can also test your speakers with a 1.5v battery and apply the voltage across the positive and negative speaker terminals. If all ok you will get a pop, if the speakers are dead you wont get any sound. The only downside is the new speakers sound loads better than the fronts so I think these will need doing aswell now lol. I will also be sound deadening the door as the metal the speakers are mounted in is very thin.
  14. If it is regenerating every day then there maybe an issue with one of the sensors possibly the DPF pressure sensor which measures soot levels. I have found with our 2014 CMAX 1.6 tdci that the car regenerates loads more on shell diesel but on BP it isnt so regular.
  15. Hi, This problem has plagued the 1.6 sigma engine for years. These engines can sometimes use oil which is sometimes caused by lack of oil changes. How much oil is it using? Personally I would keep topping the engine oil up rather than start major work on the engine. From experience this engine will run forever in this state with no ill effects. They are generally very reliable tough little engines.