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  1. TDCI Servicing and MPG

    Hi Steve, I do about 40 miles a day 30 of these miles are on fast roads (70mph) adn the other 10 miles is done through town however there is hardly any stopping and starting mainly about 30mph ish all the time. i do drive quite economically and have a vey light foot, i very rarely put my foot down. do you know if my friends comments around the EMU are correct? thansk rob
  2. TDCI Servicing and MPG

    TDCI Servicing and MPG Dear all, I recently bought a 2006 Focus 1.8 TDCI it has currently done 22000 miles and coming up for its second service. At the moment the trip computer says I am getting about 48 - 50mpg, this to me seems a little low. (Other 1.9 TDI I have owned used to average 56-60). Can anyone tell me if this is just due to the engine running in? A friend told me that after the first or second service Ford are supposed to update the onboard computer to take it out of "Running in mode", thus allowing me to get better mpg etc. Can anyone tell me if this is true? I want to make sure that when I take it for its next service this is done. Like I said before it is due for its second service soon so you can expect its ready for a new air and fuel filter, could this have a impact on mpg? Any other advice as to what could be the problem or I should ask them to look at when I have it serviced would be much appreciated. thanks rob