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  1. Correct Kerbweight for Mondeo

    I'm wrong ! The legal limit does appear to be 1800 kg. But not advisable according to the Caravan Clubs recommendations ...
  2. Correct Kerbweight for Mondeo

    I think that the only reliable place to get the kerbweight is from the vehicle registration document. I can't find this in my handbook and as far as I know it isn't on the VIN plate either. The difference in the two numbers on the VIN plate is the manufacturer's maximum technical permissible towed mass. This is the maximum weight that the vehicle can pull as assessed by Ford. This is NOT the LEGAL limit, and it is significantly above it. As I understand it, the vehicle's kerb weight MUST be greater than the maximum technical permissible laden mass of the trailer. For my '08 Mondeo Titanium 2.0 TDCi the kerb weight is shown as 1557 kg. However, the maximum towed weight is 1800 kg. So a trailer with a MTPLM of 1700 kg would be illegal ! However, I'd like to know if the weight of the tow bar can be included in the kerbside weight. After all, its now a permanent part of the car. Does anyone know about this ? Hope this clarifys things.