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    mk3 fezzy ztech(soon to be turbo)
  1. fiesta rs turbo¬

    there is a xr21 kit on fleabay
  2. Help treating rust and corrosion

    na dude i disagree keep the mk 3 there a wicked car n stick to the road like !Removed! to a blanket if lowered properly on the right rubber. i just got a mk3 rs1800/xr2i i gotta do inner n outter cills floor weldin n maybe in rear archs above axle ya know the place ;) im prob goin to have to cut bout 2 inch off the floor n make a new bit up with a nice lip to weld new cills to. also got fuel cap to do n weld plate in roof to smooth off sunroof. as i got the welder out might aswell make a bad boy bonnet n smooth the boot off too lol. ill be bookin couple weeks off work. but yeah keep the mk 3 cut it to peices n give her a new lease of life there aint many nice ones left it will be rare as rockin horse !Removed! to be rot free. n always keep invoices from parts!!!
  3. mk3 fezzy xr2i rot!!!

    hi all i got a fezzy rot box n wanna sort it all out just wondered if there is anyone local to me that could come over or meet me somewhere to show me where i gotta cut i can weld but never done cills before n heard there a bit of a moo. thanks
  4. newbie from rushden

    hey newbie here got a mk 3 fezzy xr2i 1.8 16v ill get some pics up soon