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  1. Check a cambelt

    I know it's probably too late now, but I wouldn't let that put me off. I'd just make sure I got a sweet enough deal to have the belt replaced anyway.
  2. rs focus

    So would I if I had a brand new car! Particulalry until there is some miles on the clock!
  3. reverse gear

    Common issue as there is no sychro on reverse gear. I find slotting first before reverse helps.
  4. Devastated

    I'm pretty sure Diamondbrite comes with a guarantee where if you stain the trim they come out and try and remove it proffesionally. If it won't come out, they replace the entire seat trim!
  5. [OT] What was your first car?

    I had a 1.1 Fiesta too, a Popular Plus 3dr in Diamond White, which was also totally reliable, and a boon to fix as well. You could take pretty much anything off in a few minutes it seemed! 4 speed box and no PAS, old school!
  6. Diesel vs V power Diesel

    I used to use BP Ultimate Diesel in my Fiesta TDCi Zetec-S. While I never felt an increase in power, I definately gained on fuel economy, by around 2mpg, which to be honest probably wasn't enough to out-weight the extra cost at the pump!
  7. Morello Mk7 Fiesta being dropped...

    Morello is being dropped from most ranges- but not on Fiesta quite yet. It's still available to order. In the ranges it has been deleted from, it hasn't been replaced.
  8. Titanium vs Zetec S

    I can't really see the point in ESP- it just makes a lot of people think they can drive like nut cases and get away with it! A good chassis doesn't need ESP- Fiesta included. Manufacturers just fit it as it makes the NCAP score better. Anyway, Titanium all the way, the suspension is a little more supple which means it rides better and also doesn't tramline under braking and get knocked offline by mid corner bumps as much. There was a quote in Autocar from a Ford engineer recently and he admitted that the standard cars set-up is optimum, but they had to make the ZS stiffer as that is what people expect. So my vote would be Titanium with 16" alloys (the £100 option 7-spoke ones- my Mum has just ordered one!)
  9. Mk7 Compatible Phone

    Your dealer should have a chart showing compatable and non-compatable phones, worth checking before making a purchase! However, I have never experienced problems with Nokia's on Ford Bluetooth kits, and I used a MK7 the other day and my Nokia 5800 paired up and worked fine.