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  1. stage 2 stage 3 Remapping

    Hello Iv just had my 1.0 fiesta ecoboost stage 1 remapped i got 159.2 HP and 223.7 Torque the difference is amazing its like a brand new car you would not think a little 1.0 could feel so powerful. Iv had it done now for almost 2 weeks and already looking in to getting stage 2 done was just wondering if any of you have had stage 2 or stage 3 done and wanting to know what results you got out of it. Thanks.
  2. Rs Spoiler On Fiesta

    Hi Guys Iv been thinking about what else i could do to my car to make it look more sporty. Iv seen some fiestas with the rs spoiler fitted but was just wondering is it a straight forward fit or would i need to get it adjusted to fit to my car?
  3. fiesta zetec s

  4. Colour Change ???

    I know i couldn't believe it when i seen all the scratches. none of them are that deep so it might be an easy fix. I'm getting my bonnet vents put in soon so ill see how much it will cost to repair it all.
  5. Colour Change ???

    Well I recent washed my car at a jet wash and not knowing a stone or something was in the brush so iv got scratches on almost every panel of the car. I like the look of the car so i might even see how much it would cost to repair it or spray it the same colour but with the black roof mirrors and spoiler.
  6. Colour Change ???

    I was quoted 800 - 1000 to get it fully wrapped in two different colours the guy thought it would look good in a metallic orange with black mirrors roof and spoiler. Im considering getting it like that but i also like the matt colours.
  7. Colour Change ???

    Hey guys Been thinking about getting my car sprayed or Wrapped Any suggestions. Wanting something that will make the car stand out.
  8. Finally got my lights tinted

    I got back and front done for 70 pounds by a company called Tint Team. MaxCobos but I'm sure you could do it a lot cheaper yourself. iv all ready been quoted 250pounds to get my mirrors and roof wrapped gloss black but iv all so been thinking about getting the full car wrapped some sort of matt colour but not sure yet.
  9. vents

    Hey guys Thinking about getting some vents fitted on my zetec s just wondering if anybody have them fitted so i could see before i get them.
  10. Fiesta RS Bumper

    Hi Guys Been thinking about replacing my rear bumper on my Fiesta Zetec S with a Rs bumper. If anybody has a Fiesta with the RS bumper on could you please share some pictures. Thanks.
  11. New alloys

  12. S Badge On

    Cant go Wrong with the zetec s ecoboost. 125hps out of a 1.0 is pretty impressive if you ask me and as im still a young driver the insurance isnt high at all. fun part is that it keeps up with a lot of cars.
  13. S Badge on next headlights tinted
  14. Hi! Ecoboost

    Hi welcome to the group