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  1. Fuel Filter Location

    Well looking at my manual, it seems that the shape of the engine is the same as a CVH, which is CVH CFi. The parts company gave this filter from my reg number. I will have to pop by my local garage and get them to put it on there ramps. Thanks anyway
  2. Fuel Filter Location

    Hi Purdy fpv, my car is a G reg.
  3. Fuel Filter Location

    Hi, I have a 1990 1.6s Fiesta. The Haynes manual I have says that the fuel filter is behind the battery in the engine compartment, however, I have looked and can't seem to locate this large part. Please can somone give me an idea of where this is. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, My name is Chris and I live in Essex. I drive a 1990 Fiesta 1.6s which I bought really cheap 2 years ago. It is very reliable and has not cost me very much in repairs (so far) I am a very novice diy mechanic and am trying to learn more as time goes on. I hope you guys (and girls) will be able to advise me in certan things as and when I need them, and that any knowledge I gain I will be able to pass on to other.