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    fiesta 1.6 zetec s
  1. newbie jus joined

    yer mate wil do, il tek some over the weekend,after i clean it ha... got ma new reg on car now so u can av a ganders lol
  2. newbie jus joined

    erm nt sure, if i do it wil be after a year or so cz i crnt afford it at the moment (only an aprentice ha). i want a theme tho, like black and red.. any ideas from you all would be good. thanks .
  3. newbie jus joined

    ive nt got a clue lol.. ther wolfrace but other than that i dont no..bought the car like that lol ..
  4. newbie jus joined

    thanks.. i scratched mine first day i got the car, well annoyed me lol.. ahh wel wnt be doin that again.
  5. newbie jus joined

    cheers for the feedbak :D . yeh the alloys are good but they stick out so there easier to scrape :( lol.
  6. newbie jus joined

    my new car .. wat ya all think.
  7. Hey!

    wat fiesta ya got. thanks :)
  8. Newbie :P

    http://imageshack.us/ <<< go on that website. click browse then get the piks up that u want, then press start upload.. once thats done click (if its jus one pik) then direct link to image.. but if its a few piks that uve done at once, then click bb codes then copy and paste and put them in ur post.
  9. Hey!

    orite, im josh jus joined up other day.. got my self a fiesta so thought ad join in with the club lol. got sum piks of my new car so let me no wat ya think. cheers