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  1. Clutch/Gear shifting

    Hi all, Had a large vibration when idling for a while and recently it's been getting increasingly difficult to change gears. Booked it in with a garage and they've done preliminary tests; originally I was told it'd be the DMF, so I'd booked it in to have the dmf and clutch replaced. However they're saying because it's still vibrating at the same rate with the clutch pedal down, it's not likely to be the DMF; more likely "the shaft" requiring a recon gearbox. Very wary about having my pants pulled down on this one, and considering whether I should grin and bear it, or run and get rid. Any thoughts? It's a 2008 1.6 TDCI.
  2. Eonon Sat Nav Car Stereos

    As an owner of an Eonon and past owner of near-identical models from the likes of Xtrons I'd say they're best avoided unless you really haven't got the budget for something decent. Make sure it's android though and not WinCE.
  3. A series of worsening events

    Had exactly this issue earlier this year after changing injector seals.Camshaft sensor got slightly knocked in the process, stopping the car from starting whatsoever. Replacing that got it living again.
  4. Mk2.5 vibrating on idle

    My 1.6tdci is on around 110k miles and had extensive work done recently. The garage said about the vibration mine has and said it was quite severe but it's most likely the flywheel. He said if I was ok with it, it wouldn't cause any harm and best left until I need to replace the clutch to keep cost low.
  5. Fuel Economy!

    Those Ecoboost engines are utter *****. Whilst my car was in, I was given a brand spanking new 1.0 ecoboost Focus with way under 100 miles on the clock. The only way I could keep it above 40mpg was to drive like a granny - or very much how you would drive in snow/slippy conditions. Unless you nanny those things there's no way in hell they're even close to economical. I was glad to get my environment-killing tax-dodging dirty diesel back which sits at 45mpg with me not even thinking about it.
  6. Advice needed for my Mk2.5 Ford Focus TDCI!

    Double check for presence of the DPF, it's quite possibly present on that age car. Yes, absolutely blank the EGR, it'll prevent crud getting into the engine increasing longevity.30 minutes work if you're slow and careful, and a fiver for the shim. Change the oil every 6 months inc filters. Change fuel filter every year if not at same time as oil. Head units are ten a penny if you pay little, and the good ones cost a fortune.Not long ago I replaced my 3rd party chinese thing with an Android based 3rd party chinese thing for £150 with 12 month warranty. Quite pleased with it, being straight android runs all the apps I like including tomtom or waze for navigation.
  7. Car people put petrol in my diesel

    I agree, sounds like it really isn't worth the time or hassle. It's cost you money and time already.
  8. dvd player usb HELP!!!!

    Yup, it is me :) Have replied on eBay but just in case you don't see it, and for the benefit of others I found a pinout to the GPS board only here: The GPSPassion forums are also a good resource. I've had a look through all my bits and bobs and couldn't see any relevant pics unfortunately. The GPS card is based on a "Nowada 2450". I have firmware for it if need be, but it's the same as what's already installed and I'm unsure how to actually get it installed.
  9. Which one of these two Focuses should i get

    Those running costs are hilarious. There is no way in hell you'll get near 49mpg urban unless you drive in the sort of manner that annoys everyone else on the planet and even then 45 would be a pipe dream!
  10. clutch

    Surely you'd be nuts to want to do that - it's nearly always possible to convert but what on earth for? If it was an RS you were ragging around it might be understandable, but a 1.8 oil runner...
  11. Injector fun

    Whoop, got my baby back :) They changed #4 injector, fuel lines, turbo feed pipe, V belt, camshaft sensor & changed the oil 7.5 hours labour, £600 all in. Worth it, fed up of the hire car! :D
  12. Injector fun

    Had some good news yesterday from the garage. Leakback & compression tests come back fine. It appears that when I was fiddling with things, I knocked the camshaft sensor and damaged it. That didn't show up on their diagnostics (or on Forscan for me) so it came as a surprise to me and them, but replacing it got it started right up. However when it was running they noticed a significant diesel leak from injector 4; seems I had also managed to thread and damage the HP pipe and the injector. So, certainly better news than I expected, and certainly gives me confidence in the garage that they're not fleecing me :)
  13. Injector fun

    Absolutely, whatever happens I won't be going diesel again. I need to keep my TDCi burning for another couple of years before I can realistically look at ditching it though :(
  14. Injector fun

    Starting to sound expensive, they're doing leakdown & compression tests today :( On another note. Are all Ecoboosts utterly rubbish and uneconomical? I know this one won't have bedded in yet at 150 miles on the clock but christ on a bike - no car should only be pulling an average of 38-39mpg sitting at 65 on a flat dual cabbageway!
  15. Injector fun

    Well, it's in the garage. Just gotta wait now. Told them they can do the oil change, fuel filter & turbo feed pipe whilst at it. Thankfully they're understanding of idiots like me, dangerous with a haynes manual! Picked up my hire car for the week. Brand new Focus ecoboost. 70 miles on the clock :D Handles and drives like a dream but again, feels gutless. Think the pull of a diesel has spoiled me.