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  1. Servicing.

    ignore the marketing blurb as i guarantee that the cabin pollen filter wont get changed lol its a back breaking job and 99% of car owners will never check it. it will come as no surprise i fall into the 1% category. :-D
  2. Servicing.

    my numbers are exactly right year 1 £150 minor service + £45 mot = 195 year 2 £150 minor service + £45 mot = 195 year 3 £200 major service + £45 mot = 245 total £635
  3. Servicing.

    just break down the numbers for a simple comparison service plan including MOT ; 12 x £24 per mth = £288 per year OR motorcraft basic service £150 + MOT £45 = £195 per year although every 3 years you'll need a major service which im guessing will be around £200 so if we look at cost over 3 years....... service plan £864 annual servicing plus separate MOT £635 so it just depends if any extra benefits of the service plan are worth the additional £230 over 3 years....... over to you............ ;-)
  4. service due indicators are solely based on time elapsed since last reset , usually 12 mths , no other parameters are monitored , such as milage or oil condition. just reset it yourself if serviced only 2 mths ago......
  5. Focus MK2 Drivebelt?

    Hey , could anyone point out the waterpump position in this photo ? i have the same engine and need to keep an eye on a shoddy dealership repair lol
  6. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    im not the person pursuing the complaint , just offering advice on how to do it. as russ states above , a replacement service book and written conformation of the cars service history can easily be issued , just the dealers have had 4 months to do it and need a wake up call
  7. Focus MK2 Drivebelt?

    rumour has it that iantt uses an alternator stretch belt to hold up his pants........
  8. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    They've dragged their heels for months so either its been lost or they never had it to begin with as they may not have been the seller of the car from new i'd go straight for legal action at this point , on the grounds of damages / loss of value due to misrepresentation of the vehicle by the seller , just lodge the claim at local magistrates , it costs very little , and just sit back and wait for the matter to be resolved very quickly when a court summons appears in the dealership postbox......... ;-)
  9. yes yes , remote window closing for titanium & ST models is comprehensively described in your owners handbook along with global closing operations in general you have read it right ..........? maybe not ;-)
  10. Focus 3.5 wind deflectors

    as per stoneys pics , i find just having the front deflectors fitted looks best even on a 5 door. the rears add little to the "visual impact" and look a bit awkward if im honest. heres just front hekos fitted on my "wagon" :-D i really should get the car lowered lol.......
  11. Ford Focus Mk 3.5 Roof Rails?

    why not just buy the estate then ?
  12. Ignition live from light cluster.

    Theres a small chance of an unused power supply for the tow bar electrics hidden behind one of the boot side panels but couldnt tell what colour the wires are.....
  13. Ignition live from light cluster.

    Nothing in the rear light wiring loom will be suitable for a power socket supply im afraid
  14. Door edge protectors

    Back to 5 quid rubber strips from halfords then lol At least theres nothing to go wrong unlke fords flimsy design.... :-)
  15. MOT Tomorrow - Focus MK1.5

    The MOT is a complete lottery for any car over 8 years old in my experience lol