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  1. Engine bay ignition live

    There will be loads of ignition lives beneth the engine bay fuse tray , just need a multimeter to find one. Use a scotch lock to tap off the wire if you dont want to use a piggy back fuse carrier.
  2. *** Fiesta 3 years warranty query

    well if you think its such a bad deal dont buy from new then strewth :-/ its a bit of a stupid statement really when you consider that with servicing you are paying for preventative maintenance which reduces the likelyhood of more expensive repairs early in the cars life. and why complain now after 17 yrs of buying from new ? any car warranty has always been dependent on proper servicing , its not like this requirement only popped up last week.......
  3. Focus ecoboost update

    impressive job all round , good work fella. i shudder just at the thought of all the expense and hassle from relying on a dealership to diagnose and repair that engine fault
  4. wheel nut sizes

    no worse , exactly the same condition as when that pic was taken , still have the same bolt caps fitted also. :-)
  5. The Awkward Moment When...

    lamps are either one or the other , rarely both. and im struggling to find a reason to choose filament over led when it comes to brake lights ;-)
  6. DPF deleters, your days are numbered

    owners of ALL fossil fuelled combustion engined cars , your days are numbered.......... ;-D
  7. pay for the minor / basic service - to get the service stamp in your handbook and because oil changes on the driveway are messy at the best of times , then fit the major service items yourself - eg spark plugs , air & fuel filters to save a shed load of cash on the supply & fitting of the easy bits. and at 3 years old your car will be due an aircon re-gas and brake fluid change if you've not had either done during your ownership other items you could incorporate into a DIY service include greasing / lubing door & bonnet locks and hinges , replacement of keyfob batteries and wiper blades , flush and refill of coolant / antifreeze. all of which are simple and low cost jobs a dealership will charge an arm & leg for.......... stuff like worn tyres and brakes will be flagged up at MOT time so just replace whenever recommended
  8. Retrofitting heated seats with oem buttons

    its possible though the wiring plugs on the heated seat kit wont fit the pins on the rear of original ford switches.
  9. Electric polisher/buffer

    1. dont use t cut , its too harsh and is only needed to flatten new paint / overspray 2. dont ever use a drill polishing attachment , you;ll burn a hole through your clear coat in no time at all 3. 700 quid for prep , decon , and machine polish is excessive , shop around
  10. Its safe to pull any fuse without disconnecting batt. I'd tap off heater circuit for a dashcam supply , less critical than airbag system if it goes all pete tong. Fuses are either mini or micro blade if its the under glovebox fuse tray , cant remember which.
  11. brakes

    yes it can , without any problems whatsoever. although that stuff you linked to looks pretty good.
  12. FORD Focus overheating

    basically it sounds like this ; you have plenty of coolant in the system but it is not circulating when the car is driven so engine gets hot quick what could cause this ; faulty pump , faulty thermostat , collapsed or blocked hose are the main culprits. im not sure its just an airlock as the system is self bleeding for the most part , a 10 min drive with the heater temp on max ( to open heater pipework loop ) will shift most trapped air so long as the pump is working correctly. if it was me i'd want that recently fitted pump removed for a more thorough examination as it seems theres a blockage somewhere........
  13. Low Coolant Warning Project questions

    a bucket and a bit of pipe linked to an egg timer as a warning buzzer. ford price £130. :-D
  14. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    i've used my local halfords autocentre several times and have been completely satisfied with the customer service and workmanship , and as their website states , they are able to perform services to the exact manufacturers spec. so im not the least surprised some rental & leasing company's have swerved ford altogether and got better deals or better service from other independent vehicle repair businesses. well if they can do that so easily , why has the dealership discussed in this thread not bothered to provide service history after 4 months and threat of legal action ?? the mind boggles really. my only conclusion is that there is no history to provide, it doesnt exist or never happened , and the car was sold under false pretenses , and now theyre stalling as they are about to get caught out..
  15. im following this thread closely too but for all the wrong reasons lol ;-D