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  1. St seats

    the front seats should bolt straight in if not probably only be a case of changing the runners the back seats wont fit at all. i was going to do the same but luckly found a 2010-11 full black titanium trim
  2. tyres

    yes i have 205 40 17 on mine
  3. Hot weather and sensors.

    "door pins" are built into the latches there isn't a switch on the body like older cars. my indicators only flash when i press lock twice (dead lock). if your a bit handy you can change a latch yourself if not get some 1 to do it for you.
  4. Ford Fusion issues?

    number 4 only working usualy points to the resistance https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_heater_resistor_f_1104100_c_748.htm think it's located behind glovebox you can you tube it the speed sensor is located on the rear of the gearbox easier to see from underneath. if car has abs it might not have a speed sensor as the abs system does the job of the speed sensor. hope that helps
  5. After market head unit

    the unit works off 3 wires 1 earth then 2 earth returns to head unit to work the controls, its hard to explain but if u know some1 that knows audio then you'll be fine. a lot of after market headunits come pre wired so should just work ;-)
  6. Seatbelt and door sensor

    door sensor is built into the main door latch & yes as long as car has not been in a smash a 2nd hand seat belt should be fine it's not a very difficult job easy diy(socket set,screw drivers) is all you should need
  7. Fusion towbar wiring

    i dont think the 2009 has got "bulb failure" so should just be a straight normal wire up. if it has got bulb failure you'll need a "candy box" http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Towbar-Wiring-Kit-7-Pin-Universal-12N-Electrics-7way-Bypass-Relay-955-800-H1-/121807211561?hash=item1c5c468c29:g:c2AAAOSw7hRWOw~p as shown here in this ebay ad
  8. New member, and new make....for me.

    hiya welcome to the club
  9. If your alloys are in good nick and you replace them, let me know as might be interested as have the style plus version...which has steel wheels, so wouldn't want to see a style minus version!

    1. leesid


      will let you know m8 :wink:. i might be selling it this year need a bigger motor tbh 

  10. Motor blower location

    it's accessed from glove box side i found a link on youtube for a fiesta same car basically here
  11. Modified Fusion

    my fusion is sitting on full fiesta st150 suspension,rear disc axle fitted, tinted windows, original st rear spoiler, 09 headlights & rear lights "led indicator & reverse bulbs", mondeo st auto-dim mirror, 2010 titanium trim,dvd-freeview tv-bluetooth,double-din,satnav,reverse camera & front camera. took headlights apart & fitted drl's behind aswell. piccys of headlights with drls are in this post below. just looking for a nice set of alloys now ;-)
  12. Modified Fusion

    Special edition fusion black magic looks nice
  13. DRL's

    not best pictures but there bright lol. bottom pic is my backlit ford badge

    yup ;-)
  15. you only have to remove the pipe on the throttle body side it will spin out of the way. 4 30 torx bolts hold body to car unplug the throttle then u have it off