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  1. help with identification needed please

    thanks for reply Mintalkin, here a few pics ,hopefully you can make them out , they are took through the openings with the ht leads out, Between 3rd and 4th spark plugs with what looks like blow holes around the screw between 1st and 2nd spark plugs
  2. hi all, i own a escort 1.8 zetec 16v 1996-7. when i take disconnect the ht leads from the plugs and look through the openings there are two plugs in between the 1st and 2nd spark plug and also between the 3rd and 4th, i presume they are threaded due to the (star) socket needed. around them is quite a build of rust deposit with what looks like small blow holes in the rust. I am losing water and can`t find the source could it be that it is ecaping through these or are they plugs for the oil. thanks in advance ,vinny
  3. Hello All

    Hello to you all, my name is vinny,i live in grimsby england,im married with three children all boys. I own a ford escort ghia 1.8 zetec 1997 ®. Hopefully i can come of some use in this forum but don`t count on it :) as i hav`nt been driving long (only a couple of years),in fact this is my first car so i hav`nt any experience of whats under the bonnet so hopefully i can use your knowledge from time to time, so expect some silly questions :D .