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  1. hello mate, was it difficult for the guy to fit the hid lights to your car, or did he have to use anything extra or make adjustments to your bulb holder, i have projector lights aswell and so far it seems impossible to connect hids, can you shed some light into this for me i would appreciate it..thanks in advance.


  2. are they easy to fit? like and would u need a re-map to gain any real performance increase from it?
  3. Saw a Black mk7 go round the roundaabout i was sitting at, had the milltek exhaust but didnt see any downtune stickers on it.. had FOC stickers in rear side windows.
  4. ive got loads of small chips on the bonnent.. almost looks like ive got small specs of salt all over my bonnet! my friend has got a black one and he, like you, has a massive stone chip, which has gone right down to metal and has got to be about 2-3mm deep and 5-6mm across. its really bad. the paint isn't as good as my mk5 fiesta!
  5. got the lights from, i got an interior light too and sidelight bulbs, guy fitted it all for £120 which wasn't too bad and all the bulbs are warrentied. a side light went the other week and he sent me like 3 packs lol :)
  6. nice colour good choice.... shame about the TDCI badge tho :( and no tinted windows! whats going on lol!! :)
  7. fair play. lol..
  8. could be a style with a 2.0? im sure the 1.6's have a 4 stud.
  9. i promise you its not 'just a chaved up fiesta', ive seen it in person. walked under it in fact when it was up on a ramp lol.
  10. im waiting to de-tango mine. pretty !Removed! weather recently. HIDs look awesome. i got 6000k on mine with LED sidelights. was tempted by 8000k but i thought they were tooo blue for the car! i like my zosrt but i like the standard look. im stuck...... what exhaust you looking to get sammy_o a milltek one? like the twin sitting below the bumper or cut into the diffuser like mine?!
  11. y couldnt it have 5 stud?! the focus has different hubs for different engine sizes. i think 1.8 upwards is 5 stud? iirc
  12. there is an st coming out. but it looks NOTHING like that! that is it. wont have the wheels on it tho as they are like speedline iirc. well its got the ST engine in the front, may have some exterior mods to it.
  13. this forum is wellll strict.
  14. hahahah... i just commented on this on ZSOC.. ill comment again, just because it looks the great lol!! Looks really smart! best white mk7 I've seen about! ever!
  15. could be the bulb holder connections.