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  1. Happy Birthday rockernao!

  2. Hi Not been on in a while... Liking the new site 8) Anyhoo, metallic sounds from the engine bay can be sticky valves.... I had that recently and it was solved by an oil change (it was just due for a change anyway) and it's been fine since.... if the sound goes just as fast as it comes, then this is what I'd say it was. I think if it was a belt, tensioner, whatever, than the noise would be constant. At least with an oil change, it's cheap to do, so if it doesn't help your problem, at least it didn't cost much, didn't take long to do and means you have some clean oil in the engine. Hope you sort it soon... I know how frustrating it can be trying to diagnose problems and it can end up being expensive if it doesn't work. My "new" (old) focus is starting to cost me a few £££ to get stuff replaced and sorted... *sigh* Nao
  3. I'm 26...
  4. Yea some need a bit of encouragement, but it will shift.... mine just came off really easily when I replaced mine! the credit card trick usually works wth most stubborn side repeaters though =)
  5. whoohoo! Glad to hear! Victory! 8)
  6. coolcool 8) Yea I'm doing mine myself as well - with a bit of help ! Also adding the long awaited fogs... kept changing my mind but decided to go for it so they'll be put on this week as well :) speak soon
  7. Yea eBays good if you're on a budget and don't mind 2nd hand tyres and potentially curbed wheels... can get good bargains though. Problem is there are SO many places to go to for alloys and SO many alloys to choose from.... You can google everyday for a week and find new places each time.... I'd go by recommendation making sure you have the right profiled tyre and offset for your car.
  8. Hey John What were you asking? I'm getting my rears tinted this week.... :)
  9. I'd say if you like the car and want to keep it, then fight for the garage you got it from doing the repairs under an extended warranty... It's worth trying anyway and if you threaten trading standards and the likes in their face then they may help you out... ;) Would you of got the car if you had known it was an ex instructor car??? Probably not...... That's probably why they are denying knowing about it... Else, if it was me, if after trying to get them to do repairs and pay for it under warranty and they refuse, I'd probably tell them where to shove it, but that's just the snotty woman in me coming out :P Good luck! (although you may have already gone to the garage by now? Which if that's the case, how did you get on?! :D )
  10. But changing a fuse is a good place to start nevertheless! Start with the small cheap things first, rather jumping in the deep end thinking it's something bigger. Maybe the battery in the key has gone? (you never know)
  11. oh and of course another focus site is as well ;)
  12. No need for comments like that... he asked a question WANTING a Focus based site and I answered with my answer on the FFOC. I've been on the FFOC since I got my car in December 2007 and it's a great site with some great people.... and it's an ideal site for him to see what mods people have done to their cars and get involved with local meets. So what, you get a few people with a bit of an attitude, but you get that everywhere.... even on here it seems! ;) I came on here cos I like Fords (Not that I should have to justify myself to you....) I personally have only ever driven Fords and my brother, dad and Granddad all have Fords as well.... I am not a moderator on the ffoc and am not here to brag about the site.... However, it is the main place I go to for help, advise and show what I have done to my car, as well as trying to help a few people along the way. No harm in telling others about it if they are unaware of the site. They can make their own conclusions IF they decide to check it out.....
  13. It would drive me bonkers too! hope you sort it soon! :)
  14. No worries :) hope to see you around on the ffoc soon :P
  15. oh! no idea then! how odd :? Someone on the FFOC is bound to know! ;)