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  1. Boot lock not working

    Ahoy, apols my description of the problem appears to have caused confusion The lock doesn't open using the following mediums: 1) Key in lock, turns but nothing, not even a noise. 2) Remote opening button on key fob, noise like a motor moving, can see the lock wiggle slightly but again, nothing. 3) Button on dash, same as key fob button, NUFFING.... I kinda wish i'd checked this forum before fillin the lock with WD40, ah well, i have literally just done so, guess i'll see what happens next, if nothing else it smell kinda nice, reminds me of my Dad's garage. I'm starting to suspect it's actually the cable for the boot lock that's forked, this is based on my complete lack of any knowledge at all on fixing faults with car boots. Not sure why i'm telling everyone this as effectively i have achieved nothing and yet still here i am typing away... I'm off to trawl the forum for info on fixing boot lock cables :0o
  2. Boot lock not working

    So, i took it to a garage for it's MOT and they have suggested that most people only use the button on the dash or key fob, never the key. Because of this the barrel fills with dirt/dust etc over time and eventually freezes the lock. I'm gonna try a whole can of WD40 in the lock and see if that gets it moving.
  3. Boot lock not working

    I've just bought a used 1999 focus lx, the boot does not open using the key (in lock or remote) or using the button on the dash. I can open it manually from the boot however. Also it is missing the rubber seal on the boot (this may or may not be important). This looks to be quite a common issue, does anyone know if i need to replace the whole lock unit or does the missing rubber seal play some part (doubtful). If, as i suspect it is a new unit required, do i HAVE to get it configured to work with my central locking or will it be ok to just open it with a key? Money's to tight to mention so the cheapest option is what's required for now. Thanks in advance.