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  1. Engine Smell

    Thank's mark my other half is going to have a look at the car tonight!! i will let you know if this was the problem! ;)
  2. Engine Smell

    Smells like engine and exhaust fumes gives me a bit of a headache but ford have assured me there is nothing wrong Eeek!! :(
  3. Engine Smell

    Hi all i have a 59 plate Ka and in the last few months me and my fiance have noticed that when my car is stationary with the heater's on via external heat source a really bad smell of engine and gases comes through!!!! so everytime i pull up at traffic lights i have to switch to internal air circulation! Have taken it to ford and they said there is nothing wrong with the car i just wondered if anyone else had this problem or had heard of problems like this? I love my KA but it has been nothing but trouble since the day i drove it off the forcourt!!!! Please help Sammy
  4. Its finally here!!!!

    sorry guys have a major eye problem atm and cant see out of my right eye!!! and also my internet is a bit crap lol i promise as soon as im better and can see properly again i will get some up!!! xx
  5. diamondbrite

    i pivked up my new ka on the 1st of sep had paid for diamondbrite as i thought it was well worth it!!!! how wrong was i? the paintwork is shoddy and feels like it has been sandblasted i have been back to my dealer and have kicked up a bit of a fuss seeing as i have paid so much money for the product but have crap results! Has any one else had this problem and had it resolved?? please let me know Sammy
  6. How much did you pay for a brand new Ka

    well i waited far too long mine ive bought a brand new KA a style1.2 8 valve ill be paying around £8000 or so for it but i used my car fr the scrappage scheme make sure if you order one thyat you get details properly and they dont mess you around i had nothing but problems with my dealer. i originially ordered a new ka in crystal white with no added extras and i ordered that on june 10th they told me 1 month wait for it but it turned out to be months i eventually went a bit nuts down the garage and demanded the one that was in the showroom which was exactly the same as mine but in "dive" colour and i said i wanted it at no extra cost! and hey ho they gave it to me!!! just make sure they tell you the truth and get plenty of everything in writing!!!!! good luck!
  7. Its finally here!!!!

    not yet i will soon!! i will take a million fotos tomorrow when i get home from work!!!!! i promise!!!
  8. Today my bf broke my bonnet opener on my brand new ford ka it's only 2 weeks old!!! Does any one know if I will b charged for this!
  9. Its finally here!!!!

    well i think its brill i used to own a rover 216si b4 i got the ka so was used to brilliant handling as far as im concerned its brill!!!
  10. Need a Resprayer

    HALFRAUDS are ridiculous my bf took his car there to get a few quotes for some scratches and other bits and they do it by a chart that they place above or to the side of the dent or scratch the prices are exstorsionate!!! your better off going to a proper garage not Halfrauds the name says it all im afraid lol hope you do find someone that can do it!!
  11. Its finally here!!!!

    im so in love its ridiculous i really recommend the car and not just saying that coz i now have one but compared to other supermini's this i think by far has the nicest not budget looking interior compared to something like the peugeot 107 its beautiful. i will add some pictures when i finally get good weather and when im not working i promise ive had the car like a week now but its never been good enough weather nor has it been stationery for more than half and hour lol ive fallen in love with driving all over again! lol xxxxxx
  12. washing my car

    i picked up my brand new ford Ka on the 1st of september it was all sparkly and gleaming but now since i have driven it everywhere and bad weather its now getting dirty! My Boyfriend has advised me not to wash it normally as i will get swirls in the paintwork which i dont fancy doing! he did mention SNOW FOAM?!!?!? is this stuff any good because i want to wash the car asap! but without messing the paintwork up! PLEASE HELP!!!!!! many thanks Sammy
  13. hey all picked up my sexy little Ka today and im soooooo in love will add piks later on or tomorrow!!! but so glad shes finally here!!!

    Finally after many weeks and arguments with my local ford dealership i went down there in a raging mood and demanded they give me a Ford KA from the showroom which was exactly the same spec as the one i had ordered just in metallic paint and different colour interior...... so after the slimey manager had gone in his little office he came out and decided to give me the car so i could pick it up on the 1st of september on a 59 plate woohoooo very happy bunny now especially since its been months since i orderd andhave had many lies told to me!!! Just shows you can boss them around a little bit lol! I suggest anyone else having the same problems as me to go and do the same. very happy KAsammy ;) :D

    got an email back today saying that i wont be getting my car until the 1st or 2nd week of september!!! not a happy girly!!!