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  1. Yeah tht car is stunnin!!! White is defo the best colour!!! ;)
  2. I think maybii yhoos shud all have a road trip up to scotland :D a dont know where this Fosse Park is lol...
  3. Yeah thts ma car lol.. anno!!! mite clean it soon now there is soon gd weather lol..
  4. Awww thank yhoo :P lol.. might be able to get some pics up :D
  5. Heyyyy alll joined today... got myself a little ford fiesta... luv ma baby hehe
  6. Heyyy all am Lana from glasgow got myself a wee fiesta (first car :P)
  7. Heyyy josh.. a just joined today :D nice car btw :D av got a fiesta also :P
  8. thanks :) gd point about the alloys :D.
  9. hey i have a ford fiesta finesse, 54 plate.. just wanting some people opinion. i was going to et tinted windows and maybe better alloys. i have 9 more months to pay it off. is there any point if i am going to sell it soon? will i get more money back?
  10. heyyy can anyone help me resize a pic or tell me how too lol.
  11. From the album My Car

  12. Heyyy all just joined :) just got ma first car... a wee fiesta :P
  13. Heyyy all just joined :) just got ma first car... a wee fiesta :P