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  1. Happy Birthday dave h!

  2. Hi thanks for the reply but that sequence is for the 2.3 and 2.8 cologne V6 engines which are different to the 3.0 litre Essex. Might be why your tappets are rattling Thanks Dave
  3. Hi mate I am trying to adjust the tappets on mine, do you know the correct sequence for adjusting them please. Thanks Dave
  4. Hi all, can anyone tell me the sequence for adjusting the valve clearances on a 3.0 v6 Essex engine. A friend has fitted one in a Cortina and we have just refitted the heads. Many thanks Dave
  5. Hi Greg, sorry its a mk2, filter under the wiper panel. Thanks Dave
  6. Hi Greg, thanks for that, I can know see it but still cant get get it out. I will have another play in the morning. Have you got any tips. Dave
  7. Hi can anyone please tell me where I can find the pollen filter on a 06 reg galaxy tdi. Many thanks Dave
  8. Hi i have a 2006 1.6 tdci which the alternator packed up and most of the dash lights where on and off intermittanly. I have replaced the alternator and fully charged the battery and now all the lights stay off apart from the battery warning lamp which stays on, i am getting 13.8 volts at the battery with the engine running. Any ideas please, Many thanks Dave
  9. Hi the tow ball height should be between 350mm to 420mm ( 13.8" to 16.6" ) measured from the ground to the centre of the ball with the car fully laden. Be carefull with drop plates as all new towbars are of a specific design and will weaken it if a drop plate is fitted, check with your towbar manufacturer first. Hope this is of some help. Dave
  10. Hi Z3 mon it sounds like towbar wireing so prob use to have a towbar fitted and the wires under the bonnet were prob the perminant live and split charge wireing. Hope that helps Dave
  11. Hi i understand that the Galaxy did have a lot of electrical problems that was mainly caused by the ECU and wireing in the passenger side and alot off these cars had them replaced by a modofied one under warrenty. My question is does anyone know what year Ford started fitting the modified components at the factory. Many thanks Dave
  12. HI thanks for the replys but can you tell me what the auxhillary booster heater is and how i know if it works. Thanks Dave
  13. Hi all I am lookin to buy a people carrier and was wondering what the differance between the galaxy and sharan are as i thought they were virtually the same but the ford is cheaper to tax. Are there any advantages of owning any of them and are there anything to look out for when viewing them. I am looking for a 2002 to 2004 model. Many thanks Dave
  14. Hi Lez, thats the one, Many thanks Dave
  15. Hi thanks for that but it doesnt work, does anyone know the other way to program it. Thanks Dave