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  1. As ford don't supply replacement seals, does anyone have any top tips?
  2. I own a 2006 1.4 Style. About 3 years ago the ABS warning light started illuminating randomly. I had it checked out and was told it was a fault with the sensors on the front offside wheel bearing, but advised to live with it as it wasn't part of the MOT test, and indeed it has passed 2 tests since. Is it now a MOT failure and what is the replacement of a wheel bearing likely to cost. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Had to replace a brake/tail light. Read the user manual. Easy! Lift flap in boot area and undo wing nut. Ok. Unscrew 2 screws holding light unit!!:- How many people carry a set of 'Torx' screwdrivers. Surely replacing bulbs should be an easy task done with standard tools or even no tools at all!! Not very 'user friendly' Whinge over.
  4. Thank you everybody but I've got a magic car. It's healed itself!!
  5. Managed to hit a pothole today and noticed ABS warning light has now come on (Brake warning light is off). Could this be something simple?
  6. Seems a bit complex. Are you sure the nut holding one of the wipers hasn't loosened, causing the blades to foul? When the wipers are parked just adjust the position of the offending wiper by loosening it's retaining nut, repositioning and retightening.
  7. How many of you Fusion Owners who use 'hand car washes' still have both front door bump stops?