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  1. Aftermarket Head Unit & Convers+

    I'm in the market for a Mondeo as a stop gap. Can anyone confirm if any android satnav work with the convers+ ? Thanks
  2. Focus 2009 Front Brakes Siezed / Stuck ?!

    Mods, you can delete. Im so unconfident with the Focus given the problems I didn't try and forcefully move it. Turns out I should have. Brakes were seized and needed unsticking. Lesson learnt.
  3. All, Had to pay to have the power steering pump changed on the focus. took it for a wash, it sat for 2 days, now Ive gone to use it and the front brakes are fully stuck on. The car is undriveable! Any ideas why this would have happened? both sides of the car? Thanks.
  4. Head Unit Replacement And Reverse Camera.

    Thanks for the advice. If I had the ability to play from a usb / sd card again that would be great. Not to bothered about the sound quality in the interim. And the FM reception is pretty bad anyway, so as long as it's not worse..
  5. Morning. Still waiting to resolve my power steering issue which now only happens when there's no revs on?! I've been looking at other bits and bobs. The wife wants parking sensors installed but for the same cost as painted parking sensors I can buy the below head unit and reverse camera from eBay. I've read the guide on here for fitting a camera but can't find the boot open camera, only the reg plate light replacement. Has anyone got experience of the head unit or light replacement cameras? Thanks. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=231728773356&alt=web
  6. "hello" All And Advice Please.

    Sorry guys, I meant power steering (trying to be quick typing on my phone). I have an odb bluetooth port and torque app. I'll check tonight for any codes.
  7. I hijacked another thread previously but was hoping for some advice before I go to the mechanics. I hurriedly bought a focus 2009 zetec 1.6.It had some minor problems which Ive resolved. Im having issues with the power steering. Ive read as much as I can but I cant find the symptoms most people get. I don't hear any noises and it intermittently looses PS at low speed / low revs. below are pics of the engine bay, I cant see any leaking fluid as I checked under the car last night? Any ideas whats causing this? split pipe, or PS pump is just on the way out? Any advice gratefully received! thanks.
  8. focus power steering pump and pipe

    Hi, first post and Im dragging up am old thread. Not a good start. I've been reading about the PS pump / hose and would like to investigate myself. Did anyone take any pictures of what I should be looking for re the hose etc.I'm not exactly a mechanic when it comes to cars but I'm willing to have a go. We only bought the 2009 focus 1.6 petrol a few days ago but we needed a car urgently. I didn't feel the power steering go on the test drive but it's done it twice since. No warning lights on the dash, no funny noises, it just seems to go when at low speed and low revs. Then comes back. Makes it unnerving for my wife to drive. Any advice greatly appreciated. Oh it's got 71k on the clock.