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  1. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    ""@Enduser This is the topic regarding SYNC 2 8" screen now i am not really sure do you have SYNC1 ? Because the SD-card that you are showing is not used for SYNC2.
  2. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    @Enduser In case of upgrading the SD-card there is nothing to do my friend :) you just simply take off the current one and insert there the new one bought e.g. from ebay. Simple as that ;) nothing to be switched off or something.
  3. Thanks @Stoney871 have PM'd him already ;)
  4. Have not studied the SYNC I so deep but i have never found any info anywhere how to do it for MFD, so sorry that i am not very helpful with this.
  5. @fratello Unfortunately not possible for SYNC I :(
  6. @Peewak, you must only check what display do you have in your car. As the cars produces after Oct,Nov,Dec 2016 should have already SYNC3. And you can add nav easily to SYNC2. It is also possible to add nav into latest SYNC3 but it is a bit difficult. If you are not sure just pm me photo of your display and i will confirm you if it is possible. And do not worry i can also navigate you through the process as dummy as you want hehe :)
  7. @Nitemare Thank you :) well i understand that not everyone is so confident when it comes to "digging into your cars configuration". So better to ask something many times then do something in hurry and wrong.
  8. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi Mate, if you habe manual buttons for e.g. heated seats they will not appear in your SYNC 2. Also my Tit X Focus does not have these buttons on SYNC 2 only hardware buttons :) The sat nav can be just easily be activated. Will PM you the things you have to buy and the instructions... Cheers
  9. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    PM'd you mate ;)
  10. @Barneyowl75 unfortunately mate it is not possible to activate the sat nav there in you system :(
  11. @Barneyowl75 PM'd you the links to e-bay what you have to buy ;)
  12. Hi mate, unfortunately i have not owned a preFL Focus so count not tell you exactly. The best way would be just go to you dealer and ask for the part number so you can sear for it on ebay or somewhere else :) if i will find some info about this will definitely message you a PM.
  13. @goodhead, @Gratwick50 messaged you both guys ;)
  14. @Postie123 Yes they should be the same. Most of the parts for preFL starts with BV6T- and parts for FL starts with F1ET.
  15. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Hi @Jimbon that is an old procedure and you do not have to pay fortune to have. Now you can just simply activate it at home. :) Have sent you all the details via PM.