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  1. Why more than double the price

    I know how they're fitted I just didn't know why they're more than double....I'll pass it on and he can decide
  2. Why more than double the price

    I thought conventional would be cheaper
  3. A mate needs the power steering pipes for his mk2 focus 1.6 petrol and asked me to find them.. Why are the ones for his 70+ (the bay of evil) yet ones for the 1.6 diesel are only 30odd, i know they're obviously different but in what way
  4. Any bikers

    I guess there's no more folk with bikes....nasty evil ***** things
  5. Any bikers

    I had one before albeit a few years ago.....i would but it's 160 miles from me the Blade is 15 mins away, should be a no brainer i know but i like Mk1 Bandits also like older Blades...
  6. Any bikers

    I think you mean messed with and not missed, we all make typos You're all probably right in saying the Blade being the better bike ect ect....but the Bandit's a good allrounder and if it has (and it may well have been a bit) been messed with it's probably nothing that can't be put right. Thing is, this is a bike that will need to do me a few years infact it might be my last.
  7. Any bikers

    If there are what you have from these older bikes 96 Blade 40000 very good original condition 9 months mot 97 Bandit 12 30000 good condition but "modded" and not that good but nothing that can't be put back or changed 9 months mot Both are 1400
  8. 200,000 mile 07 focus 1.8tdci

    True...body and interior wise it's seemingly a bit tatty other than that i don't know.
  9. A friend of a guy at work told me about it said it's quite cheap 700ish i think it's the estate and mainly motorway miles i said i was after a decent smallish estate for 1000+/-.....all i know so far is it's about 200 miles from me, mot'd till feb and a ghia. It's the 200000 that's frightening me. I did an mot check online and apart from wear/tear stuff it's fine.
  10. Dangerous overtake by Merc in 30mph limit

    Be some business prick late for his/her exec dinner
  11. What would cause this

    I gave a good tug on it and found it hitting the spare wheel well and the bracket just behind the trail arm, i wrapped some rubber pipe from an old turbo intake. It's made some difference but still knocking so I guess it's still hitting somewhere so I'll get under again tomorrow. That'll be why the mot guy didn't fail ect it. ***** annoying when driving, as I said...sounds worse than banger it is..
  12. Refuelling a diesel

    I do too...fk em
  13. What would cause this

    It is quite loud Jamie or it sounds it inside, I meant to have a look earliest but didn't I will tomorrow, was funny the other day when mother was in it, she said what the hell is that, and this passed its mot with a duff back brake and nothing else, I think you better get it looked at I will tomorrow this time....i know it's a 12 yr old banger but now it sounds it
  14. 05 Mondy estate...rattle/clunk from the back underneath, it's just passed mot with no fails or advisories at the back apart from a duff caliper but this noise has been here for months. I'm guessing it's nothing serious ie bushes ect or it would have failed or at least been advised on. I'm stumped as to what it is, I know there's probably now of knowing on a forum as you'd need to hear it but apart from bushes, exhaust rubbers what else can it be..
  15. Show us your Mondeo

    True that....and as my dear old dad used to say when I was younger, it's not the rd that dangerous its made of tar it's the idiots on it.